Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand Ducal Burial Chapel at Karlsruhe

A few days ago I made an Visit to Karlsruhe where i visited the Grand Ducal Burial Chapel. Normally it is not open for the public but sometimes there are special guided tours there and yesterday was one of them. This burial side of the Grand Ducal Familywas build by Grand Duke Friedrich I. and Grand Duchess Luise. The reason for this was the following: In Febvruary 1888 their sounger son, Prince Ludwig Wilhelm died at the age of 22. He was as all the other Family members (starting with Grand Duke Ludwig I.) buried at the Vault in the City Church of Karlsruhe. But there his parents could not visit his grave unnoticed so the Grand Ducal Couple had the wish for an more familiar last resting place. In 1889 it was begun to build this burial side and it was completed in 1896. The Chapel was inagurated on 29.06.1896 and the remains of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm transferred there. The next Family members who where buried there where the brothers of Grand Duke Friedrich I., Prince Wilhelm and Prince Karl. In 1907 Grand Duke Friedrich I. died after reigning for more than 50 years and was buried in the Chapel with a lot of Pomp. He was followed in 1923 by his wife Grand Duchess Luise and 5 years after her their oldest son Grand Duke Friedrich II.. In 1944 the Citiy Church got damaged and the sarcopaghs there where plundered. . This was the reason that the remains of those buried at the City Chruch where transferred to the Burial Chapel in June 1956. this involved Grand Duke Ludwig I., Grand Duke Leopold and Grand Duchess Sophie and some of their children. The last Family member who was buried at the Chapel was Grand Duchess Hilda in 1952.

Marble Busts of Grand Duke Friedrich I.
and Grand Duchess Luise

Memorial Placettes for Grand Duke
Friedrich II. and Grand Duchess Hilda

Marble Bust of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm

coffins of Grand Duke Leopold I. and Grand Duchess Sophie

coffins of Grand Duke Ludwig II., Prince
Maximilian and Grand Duke Ludwig I.

coffin of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm, coffins of Grand Duke Friedrich II.
and Grand Duchess Hilda, coffins of Grand Duke Friedrich I. and
Grand Duchess Luise

coffins of Prince Wilhelm and Princess
Elisabeth in the background the coffins of
their daughter Henriette

coffins of Prince Karl and his morganatic wife
Countess Rosalie of Rhena, coffin of their son Count
Maximilian von Rhena