Sunday, August 31, 2008

Royal Brussels

Recently i was in Brussels for a few days where i among others visited the Royal palace which is only open for 2 months from the End of July. I also made an Visit to Laeken where i visted the Royal Crypta the Notre Dame and walked areound the Domain of Laken to have a look on the Castle and the toher Places there.

The Bellevue Museum

Statue of King Baudouin I. before the
Cathedral St. Michel et Gudule

Statue of King Léopold I. at the
Rue Royale/Koningsstraat

Statue of King Léopold II. at
Place de Throne

Statue of King Albvert I. at the
Albertina Place

and opposide to him

the Statue of Queen Elisabeth

Memorial for Queen Astrid at Laeken

Laeken Castle

Monument for King
Léopold I.
at Laeken

the Chinese Pavillon at Laaken

and the

Chinese Tower

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Royal Crypt Laeken

Recently i stayed at Brussels for a few days. There is visited also the Royal Crypt at the Notre Dame at Laeken where all the members of the belgian Royal Family are buried. The Crypt is only open on Sunday afternoons on the death-anniversaries of King Albert I., Queen Astrid, King Léopold III., King Baudouin I. and a few other days.
After the death of Queen Louise-Marie, née Princess of Orléans it was decided to build a Church at Laeken where she would be buried according to her own wishes. In 1854 it was started to build the Church and on 07.08.1872 the Church was inaguarated but she was not entire ready.

Genealogy-Tree of the belgian Royal
Family at the Entrance in the Crypt

The stairs leading in the Crypt

Picture of King Baudouin I.

Grave of King Léopold III. (1901-1983), Queen
Astrid, née Princess of Sweden (1905-1935)
and Princess Lilian, née Baels (1916-2002)

Grave of King Léopold II. (1835-1902) and Queen
Marie Henriette, née Arcchducess of Austria (1837-1902)

Grave of King Léopold I. (1790-1865) and Queen Louise
Marie, née Princess of Oléans (1812-1850)

Grave of King Albert I. (1875-1934) and Queen
Elisabeth, née Duchess in Bavaria (1876-1965)

Grave of King Baudouin I. (1930-1993)

Grave of Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders (1837-1905) and
Princess Marie, Countess of Flanders, née Princess of
Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1845-1912)

Graves of Princes Charles, Count of Flanders
(1903-1983), Prince Léopold, Duke of Brabant (1859-1869)
and Princess Joséphine (1870-1871)

Entrance in the Side Chapel: There are the Graves of

Prince Louis-Philippe, Duke
of Brabant (1833-1834)

Princess Charlotte, Empress of
Mexico (1840-1927)


Prince Leopold-Emanuel of
Liechtenstein (1984)