Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding at Moritzburg

Prince Daniel of Saxony married on Saturday 30. July 2011 at Moritzburg his longtime girlfriend Sandra Scherer.
First the civil Wedding took place at the Fasanery Castle followed by the religious Wedding in the Chapel of Morizburg Castle. It was the first time that in the catholic CastleChurch a protestant Wedding took place. Later they couple and their guets celebrated at Albrechtsbergl Castle in Dresden.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Georg Friedrich and Sophie Wedding News

Some News about the upcoming Wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg which will take place at the Friedenkirche at Potsdam in 5 weeks on 27.08.2011. Recntly the Couple attended the Wedding of reigning Prince Albert II. of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock and the funeral of Archduke Otto of Austria. The Wedding will be live bvroadcasted by RBB the local Channel for Brandenburg. It will be commented by the Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert. The bride will be driven in a silver-coloured Roll-Royce to the Church. She will wear an historic Veil and tiara from the Isenburg-Family. The dresscode fot he guests is Cutaway for the men and dress with hats for the ladies. After the oecumenical Service the Couple will leave in an open carriage and drive via Luisenplatz, Schopenhauerstraße with Obelisk and Sansoucci to the Neuen Kammern. There the reception will take place. Later there will be a Dinner Dansant for 350 guests at the Pflanzenhalle of the Orangerie of Sansoucci.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Crown Jewels of Württemberg

The Crown Jewels of the former Kingdom of Württemberg are since 1971 displayed in the the württembrigian Ladesmuseum at the Alte Schloß in Stuttgart. In a contract from the year 1927 this peaces where given to the Country Württemberg now a part of Baden-Württemberg,


The King's Crown was made for King Friedrich I. probalby very soon after he became the first King of Württembergon 01.01.1806. The Crown consists of Gold, Diamonds, Pearls and Emeralds. The stones and many of the pecaes who decorate the Crown where taken from the old ducal House Jewels, also the big emeralds and the "Caroliniian Jewels" who had belonged to Duke Carl Alexander who sammled many Jewels. It's not known which Jeweler has made the Crown.  The Crown and Orb where never worn they where displayed at the Lying in States and funerals of the Kings and Queens. Soon after he became King in 1816 King Wilhelm I. let made some smaller changes at the Crown.

King Wilhelm ordered for his third wife Queen Pauline a dimaond Parure of 4 peaces which was made by Heinrich August Kuhn in 1824. One of the reasons for this was the widow of King Friedrich I., Queen Charlotte Mathilde still lived and that the many Jewels of the late Queen Katharina was intheritd by her 2 daughters, so that there where almost no Jewels for the Consort of the reigning King. The Parure consists of the so called riche Diadem, a  daimond necklace with five hanging diamonds, 2 bracelets and  earrings.

The newest peace of the Crown Jewels is the Roccoc-Dideam of Queen Charlotte was made in 1893 and consists of diamonds which are

Monday, July 18, 2011

† Princess Katrin of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Princess Katrin of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, née Bremme died on 13. July 2011 at Grein after  long illness. She was the Widow of the late Prince Friedrich Josias of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and stepmother of the present Head of the House Prince Andreas.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A second daugther for the Schaumburg-Lippe's

Fürst Alexander zu Schamburg-Lippe and his second wife Nadja, née Zsoeks have becomeparents for the second time. Ther second daughter was born on 10. July at the Hospital Dritter Orden at Munich. She weighted at birth 3750 gramms and will be named Philomena. It's the second daughter for the couple after Princess Filippa who was born in late 2008.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

first Reqium for the late Archduke Otto

Yesterday on Saturday 08.07.2011 the first of 5 Reqiuems for the late Archduke Otto took place at Pöcking where he died. In the morning his coffin was brought in a procession from the St. Ulrich Church where he was lying in State to the Church of St. Pius where on 14h00 CEST a Reqium took place. 
At the procession all 7 children of the deceased and 2 of his sons-iin-law, Count Archiblad Douglas, and Hereditary Count Karl Eugen of Neipperg took part. Thje Reqium was also attened by several royal guest: Archduke Joseph with one of his sons, Archduke Michael and Archducess Christiane, Archduke Gerhard, Ptrince Rasso and Princess Therese of Bavaria wit their daughterMaria Theresa and her husband Count Tamas Kornis, Prince Christoph and Princess Gudila of Bavaria, Fürstin Gloria of Thurn and Taxis, the sports Reporter Fritz von Thurn and Taxis,. the actor Count Friedrich of Thun and Hohenstein, Archduess Maria Anna with her husband Prince Pjotr Galitzine. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

† Archduke Otto of Austria

Archduke Otto of Austria, foerm CrownPrince of Austria.Hungary passed away at the age of 98 in the morning of  Monday 05. July 2011 in his home Villa Austria at Pöcking. all his 7 children whee at his side. 
He was born as Archduke Franz Joseph Otto, eldest son of Archduke Karl and his wife Zita, née Princess of Bourbon of Param, on 20.11.1912 at Villa Wartholz nr Reichenau.  When he as 2 years old his great-uncle Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered at Sarajevo and his fathe became the new heir. Only 2 years later in November1916 his father became Emperor of Austria, after the death of Emperor Franz Joseph I. In 1918 after the end of the First Wolrd War his father had to rennouce and later to leave the Country. He died on 01.04.1922 at Funchal, Madeiara and otto became the new head of the House. 
In 1951 he married Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen and had 7 children with her. In 1961 Ottorenounced his rights to be ableto enter Austria again. In 2007 renounced his position as Head of the Imperial House in favour of his oldest son Karl.
In honor of the late Archduek there will be several Reqiums.
From 05.07. - 08.07.2011his coffin will be on dsplay at the Church st. Ulrich at Pöcking
On 09.07.2011 at the Church St.Anton at Pöcking
on 11.07.2011 at the Theatinerchurch at Munich, afterwards there will by a farewell by the Schützenjäger at the St. Odeons Place in Munich
on 12.07.2011his coffin will be reunited with the coffin of his late wife Archduchess Regina (who passed away in Fevruary 2010 and was tremporäry buried at Veste Heldburg) and both coffins will be on display at Basilica at Mariazell
on 13.07.2011 there will be a Reqiuem at the Basilica at Mariazell
on 16.07.2011 there will be the official Reqiuem at the Stephans Dom at Vienna, with afterwars a funeral procession through the inner City to the Crypt of the Capuines where the funeral will take place
on 17.07.2011 the heart of hte late Archduke will be buried at Pannholama, Hungary

Obituary by the Daily Telegraph