Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally a solution for the future of Salem Castle

Finally the Government of Baden-Württemberg and the Grad Ducal family of Baden have found an agreement about the future of Salem Castle. The Country Baden-Württemberg will buy Salem and pay for it and other things 60 Millions € at the Family of Baden. The part of the Castle where Margrave Max and Margravine Valerie of Baden will not be sold. The Family of Baden will also sell art reasures and rennounce all possible rights on art treasures where the ownership ist not clear.
Here are the details: 19,8 Mio. € for the site 17 Mio. € for the art treasures 6 Mio. € for the socalled Prälatur (without the part where the Margrave is living) 15 Mio. € for the assignement of claims on art treasures 4,5 Mio. € maintenance of the roof.
Originally Salem was not a Castle it was a Cistercienser Monastery. In 1804 the Monastery was given to the Grand Duke's of Badfen and became then a castle. Since the end of the Monarchy in 1918 it is the Residence of the Family and since 1928 the head of the family lives there. Since 1920 it also houses the boarding scholl Internat Salem which was founded by prince Max and Kurt Hahn.

Statue of Prince Wilhelm of Baden

One of the 3 Inner-Courts of the Castle

The Lower Gate

The Rentamt

Monday, October 27, 2008

Solitude Castle

Solitude Castle was build from 1763 -1769 for Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg who used it for Huntings and for big Balls. But soon after it was finished in 1769 the Duke lost the Interset at the Castle and didn't use it very much afterwards. Today the Castle istself can be visited and in one of the Sidewings there is the Acadamey Schloss Solitude.

View over Stuttgart

There was a 14 miles long straight street
which cnonnected the CAstle with the Castle in Ludwigsburg the
Main-Reisdence of Duke Carl Eugen

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Royal Brussels

Recently i was in Brussels for a few days where i among others visited the Royal palace which is only open for 2 months from the End of July. I also made an Visit to Laeken where i visted the Royal Crypta the Notre Dame and walked areound the Domain of Laken to have a look on the Castle and the toher Places there.

The Bellevue Museum

Statue of King Baudouin I. before the
Cathedral St. Michel et Gudule

Statue of King Léopold I. at the
Rue Royale/Koningsstraat

Statue of King Léopold II. at
Place de Throne

Statue of King Albvert I. at the
Albertina Place

and opposide to him

the Statue of Queen Elisabeth

Memorial for Queen Astrid at Laeken

Laeken Castle

Monument for King
Léopold I.
at Laeken

the Chinese Pavillon at Laaken

and the

Chinese Tower