Saturday, November 2, 2013

Central Texas Flood - Sat., Nov. 2

You may have heard the news about flooding in central Texas last Thursday. We were not affected in San Antonio, but a few miles north it was a different story. The small town of Wimberley had 13" of rain overnight, Canyon Lake had 11.3", and Austin had 5-6".

Many rivers criss-cross central Texas and those rivers came up fast! Our friends Jim and Peri were in their RV in an RV park near the San Marcos River. Here are Peri's words about their harrowing experience:
"I'm sorry I haven't called you, it's been a little crazy. We were awakened by a loud knock on our door yesterday morning and when I opened the door, the water was up to the second step of the RV. We quickly got dressed and were able to get the pickup out [it was parked in a different location], but my car was parked in front of the RV and there was already water up to the seat. After we got the pickup out, Jimmy waded back in to be sure our neighbors had gotten out. She had to be taken out in a canoe and Jimmy had to help her husband walk through the water. The water was up to my waist at that time. We had to wait out the flood by the clubhouse unable to get out until the water receded. The water went in the RV at the slides and maybe the door. Both the RV and the car were totaled. Locals that have lived there 30 years say they have never seen the water rise that fast. Apparently, all the rain from the Wimberley area came down the Blanco River and then backed up on the San Marcos River where we were. We were at the same spot we were at last year. It looks like the water rose about 40 feet. The river crested at 9:45 a.m. and then started going down. By about 11, we were able to go back into the fifth wheel with a layer of mud inside. The insurance has totaled the fifth wheel. We spent today getting stuff out and only cleared out the den and kitchen. We had no idea how much stuff you can fit inside until you have to start packing everything up. We still have the bedroom and basement. We're not sure when they will be towing it off, but we want to be sure we have everything out before they do. We're staying with our daughter right now in Austin...It looks like we'll be shopping for another RV."
Here are a couple of photos Peri sent over...

Jim & Peri's 5th wheel.
The high water mark on the side of their 5th wheel.
Our thoughts are with Peri and Jim while they deal with their loss. Tomorrow we will head up to San Marcos to help them finish packing.

We have been busy working. Once again, I have one day off this week. I will be working at the insurance office Monday through Wednesday, and at our RV park office from Thursday through Saturday this coming week. Bob has also been working long hours.

This morning Bob volunteered at a booth for Random event center at the American Diabetes Association's "Step Out Against Diabetes." The event featured a 5K run/walk, booths, vendors, rock-climbing wall, children's bounce house, and two stages with music.

After work, Bob took me to dinner at El Mirador Mexican restaurant just south of downtown San Antonio. The restaurant has a nice ambiance. I had Pollo a la Parilla with poblano sauce, Bob chose enchiladas verdes. The meal was very enjoyable. The Pollo a la Parilla was the tastier dish.

Tonight Bob we have the Trailblazers vs. Spurs game on TV. I don't know who to root for. We have been Trailblazer fans for 35 years. Now that we're Texans we'll have to root for BOTH. We'll be happy no matter who wins. Both teams are very evenly matched.

Travel Bug tuckered out.