Friday, June 15, 2012

Makes Scents -- Fri., June 15

Cotulla, Texas:

In an effort to make sure our black water tank (like a septic tank) is empty, we read that Calgon water softener will loosen everything stuck to the sides of the tank and to the internal sensor, and "take it away." (That's a little play on the Calgon commercials of old, "Calgon, take me away...) 

Anyway, the first time we used Calgon we found it in liquid form. Easy to use, no muss, no fuss. The next time we looked for Calgon all we could find were bath beads in different scents. We chose lavender vanilla. The instructions stated to dissolve the Calgon in warm water and pour it, along with a gallon of water, into the empty black water tank, i.e., through the toilet. Bob took care of that this morning after he emptied the black water tank into the company-provided external tank. 

I asked Bob, "Does this mean our black water tank will smell like lavender vanilla?"

His quick-witted comeback, "About as much as my farts will smell like peaches."