Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Exhibition: Im Glanz der Zaren

Yesterday a big new Exhibition Im Glanz der Zaren (In the Splendour of the Tsars) opened at the württemberginanladesmuseum in the Old Castle at Stuttgart. Because this years isthe 400th anniversary that the Romanovs came on the russian Throne it looks on the dynastic connections between the Houses Romano and Württemberg. 
In ths center of it are the 5 woman
  • Princess SophieDorothea of Württemberg who married Emperor Pail I.Petrovitch of Russia and became Empress Maria Feodorvna of Russia
  • Grand Duchess Katharina Pavlovna of Russia who married KingWilhelm I. of Württemberg and became Queen of Württemberg
  • Princess Charlotte of Württemberg who married Grand Duke Michail Pavlovitch of Russia and became Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia
  • Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaievna of Russia who married King Karl of Württemberg and became Queen of Württemberg
  • Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna ofRussia who married Duke Eugen of Württemberg and became Duchess of Württemberg
Amomg the displayed peaces areamong other a Dejeuner of Queen Katharina of Württemberg, the coronation gown of Wmpress Maria feodorvna who was lonaed from the Keml in Koskau and peaces from the Treasur of Queens Katharina and Olga of Württemberg

The exhition will remain open until 23.03.2014

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Video by the SWR