Monday, October 14, 2013

Oopsies - Mon., Oct. 14

Bob has been doing so many things lately, including working hard, trying to get us set up as Texas residents and, last Thursday, he took my car to get a new battery at the Costco near his work. He planned in advance and took his tools with him to remove the old battery.

When he got to Costco, he took out the battery and carried it in to Customer Service. The battery was still under warranty so he turned it in, and they gave him a gift card to use in the Tire Center to buy a new battery. At the counter in the Tire Center, he was told they had discontinued the battery for the 2008 Ford Escape (seems it has its own special battery). So, he had to take his gift card back to Customer Service, retrieve the battery, and put it back in the car. Good thing the battery wasn't dead!

As far as registering our vehicles, we're learning by experience. Apparently we were supposed to get our vehicles insured for Texas BEFORE we tried to register our vehicles. So Bob's morning at the County Tax Asessor's Office was only a little productive as he was able to get some forms we needed to fill out.

This morning, I had follow-up blood work drawn, went to WalMart for a few items, came home did laundry, vacuumed, and scrubbed floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

Bob called and asked if I had time to listen to a funny story. I thought he was going to tell me a joke.

Today, Bob went to work out at the gym as he does most work-day mornings. After his workout, he showered, went to dress for work. T-shirt, underwear, shirt, socks, uh-oh, no pants!

He forgot to pack them in his gym bag. Poor Bob had to get back in his sweaty work-out shorts for a drive over to WalMart for new pants and a belt. Whoops! All worked out well in the end.

Last night, I got into bed and there was a big, cold wet spot by my feet. After much detective work, I found a leak in the casing around the Fantastic fan. It was late, so I put towels around my legs and on top of the quilt. It didn't rain today so no more dripping.

Bob will check out the roof on Tuesday after work to try to find what needs to be fixed. I appreciate all he does to keep us in repair and moving forward in our full-time RVing life.

Remember our refrigerator that needed a new gasket? Our first repairman did not follow-up with us for a month or more, even after I e-mailed him all our information for our Good Sam Extended Service Warranty. We ended up calling another mobile RV repair company. They came out last week, ordered the part and will be here tomorrow to fix (actually they have to REPLACE) the refrigerator door. They will also replace our front screen with a heavier duty metal screen so the cats can't shred it. And the inner seal on our toilet needs replacing so they will fix that too.

All for now. Stay tuned for updates.