Sunday, May 27, 2012

Withdrawal -- Sun., May 27

Got to thinking today that I am having withdrawal from my addictions: movies, TV reality shows, Entertainment Weekly magazine, traveling, chocolate (though I'm not having withdrawal from chocolate because I have Hershey's kisses on hand).

Out here in the scrubby desert plain, miles from town, and even more miles from a movie theater, I find I miss going out to see a first run movie. I miss Amazing Race, Bachelorette, Survivor, Shark Tank, Nikita, Storage Wars, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Too Cute Kittens, and My Cat from Hell.

Yes, I admit, I'm an addict. I ask myself, "Self, how did you ever have time to watch all those TV shows, go to all those movies, read all your magazines, work out, get on the internet, AND work full time?"

And, you know, I really don't know. Being out here gate guarding, I've had more time to bird watch, cook, read, watch DVDs and think. Thinking, now there's a concept.

The thing I think about most is: How do we get back on the road traveling? I think about what my life is like. I think about how happy we are living in our 5th wheel trailer and about the adventures that we've had so far. I think about what our next move is, like some big chess game. The moves along the way make all the difference.

Or is our life like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. What do life's pieces have in store for us? How will it turn out? Are any pieces missing? Will everything turn out okay? Will all the pieces fit together? Will the big picture be as beautiful as we foresaw?

Being at the gate, gives me time to contemplate, relax, enjoy life and look at the bigger picture. When it's time to do something different, the universe will support us in a new plan.

For now, I talk to Bob, play with and love on the kitties, stop to look at the flowers, write my blog, take a nap, eat some chocolate, go for a short bike ride or a walk, take care of chores, cook, watch the wildlife, and take pictures. 

The big picture will sort itself out and come into focus when we're ready.

Will I go back to my addictions when we're back in civilization? Probably. I do enjoy those activities too. But I also know we'll travel, visit friends and family, hike, explore, bike ride, go out to dinner, swim, spend time reminiscing and talk on the phone more. But I bet I'll still read, nap, have long conversations with Bob, love on the kitties, watch wildlife, explore caves, walk through gardens, visit museums and national parks. 

Life has so much to offer, don't you think?

Gate guarding update: Our gate had absolutely no activity from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so we went for a short bike ride TOGETHER to Pad A. Wouldn't you know it? As we were riding back to our 5er (fifth wheel trailer), a semi pulled up to the gate. We were almost back to the gate. Bob rode his bike as fast as he could and opened the gate for the driver. Today our one log sheet was only 2/3 full. VERY quiet day. I'm guessing tomorrow (Memorial Day) will be very quiet as well.

Wildlife sighting: While we were out on a short bike ride, we saw Axis deer on the exotic ranch across the road. Axis deer (Axis axis): Introduced [to Texas] in the early 1930s from India. Dark tan with white spots and large three-tined, lyre-shaped antlers. Female: 120 lb. Male: 175 lb.

Today's photos:
Pad B -- practically empty
Pad B -- Bob next to big equipment
Lots of big equipment!
Pad B -- Our 5er on the right. Very close to Pad B!

A nice little bike ride to Pad A...Pad B in distance.
And a pretty sunset to top off the day.
Pics of Bowie:

Where is it? I know there's a mouse here somewhere.
Aha! There it is.
"Travel" Bug out.