Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia -- Sat., Nov. 24

Quiet, simple day today as an antidote to yesterday. We visited the Info Centre to plan our next few days in this area.

Bob did a long walk around the resort this morning. He saw quite a few wallabies and birds. When he went to the hot tub and pool, they were not heated as we had been told. He said even the hot tub was cold.

On our way out today we stopped at the office to let them know about lights not working in our kitchen and the cold pools. They were aware the pool heater was not working and have it scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday. In the meantime, we can use the other pool at the resort. He also said he would take a look at our kitchen lights.

We went out to look around town and see Skyfall.

An interesting place we drove by made us curious so I asked at the info centre what the structures were we had seen. They are large kilns that were once used to fire clay pipes. There is no historic marker, so I'm glad we asked.

Skyfall was an excellent movie. The theater we were in did not have good sound so it was difficult to hear all the dialogue. The action scenes were awesome, especially the rooftop motorcycle chase.

When we returned to our unit, one of the two lights over our kitchen counter had been fixed. That made it much easier to prepare our food.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Port Stephens--Tanilba Bay to be exact. We are going to do some walks and hunt for koalas that live in the area. Plus there are boardwalks through mangrove swamps and along the Tasman Sea.

Here's a photo from the entrance to our resort at night.

I'll work on getting some photos at the resort during the day. Tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

More tomorrow. Travel Bug out.