Thursday, November 29, 2012

Count Albert of Rechberg celebrates 100th birthday

Count Albert of Rechberg zu Rothenlowen and Hohenrechberg celebrates his 100th birthday today on 29.11.2012. He was born in 1912 as son of Count Albert and his wife Theresia, nee Freiin von Schorlemer. In 1951 he married Count Monika zu Köngsegg-Aulendorf who died in 2002. They had 5 children together.
In 1967 Count Albert succeeded his unmarried and childless uncle, Count Joseph as head of the countly House. Until 1986he administrated the family posessions but at the End of 1986 he gave the administration over to his son, Hereditary Count Bernhard who is still in charge of it. During they time he adminstrated the Family posessions several of the Family Castles where sold among the the Castles and Ruins Rechberg, Weissenstein, Ramsberg and Scharfenschloss. In 1987 the Family sold their principal Residend the Castle in Donzdorf to the City Donzdorf.It was taken over by the City in 1992 and since 1995 the adminstration of the City has their place there. The Family moved into a new build property in Donzdorf.