Saturday, November 3, 2012

Soccer Winners! -- Sat., Nov. 3

This morning we braved Honolulu traffic and headed west to the Waipio Soccer Complex to watch Bob's niece, Amanda, compete in the AYSO soccer finals.  Amanda plays in the girls under 10 league. Bob's brother, Steven, is their coach.

The weather was gorgeous with a nice trade wind blowing. Nancy, Bob's sister in law, brought a mat we could sit on which was very nice of her. The team played very well and won handily.

Here are photos from the soccer match and awards ceremony.

Waipio Soccer Park--about 24 soccer fields here.
Amanda keeping her eye on he ball.
Amanda in action--you go girl!
Bob and Nancy hanging out.
The girls checking out the trophies.
Clapping after the coach congratulates them.
Admiring the trophies--sweet!
Coach Steven--Bob's youngest brother
Team photo.
We were happy to see the black-necked stilts at the soccer park. They are only in Hawaii for a few months each year. Here they are..

Next we headed to Big City Diner for breakfast/lunch. I had grilled wild salmon, scrambled eggs and hashed browns. Bob had a large salad with grilled wild salmon on it. Bob got to watch part of the University of Hawaii football game.

We drove past our former house in Kapolei to see if the new owners were keeping it up. It looked okay. They hadn't made the repairs that they asked for discounts from the price on. It's been a little over a year since we sold it.

We headed back toward where we were staying, but took a little detour to Liliha Bakery to pick up dessert for tonight--Coco Puffs. Coco Puffs are a specialty of this bakery. They are a cream puff shell filled with chocolate pudding with a dollop of chantilly cream on the very top. So delicious!

From the H-1 freeway, I was able to snag a photo of Diamond Head!

This evening, we took our host and hostess out to dinner at Blu Water Grill in Hawaii Kai and ate at a table overlooking the water. We had a good evening and excellent food.

Iain and Tess
I ordered Macadamia-Nut-Crusted Prawns with mashed Okinawan sweet potatoes and a small salad. I forgot to take a photo when it arrived. As you can see some of it is missing already.

Our view from the patio.
Here we are.
Bob had a plate of steamed vegeables with garlic mashed potatoes and herbed chicken. Iain and Tess both ordered Beef Kalbi wth cole slaw. We enjoyed some wine and lively repartee.

After dinner we went back to their house for our Coco Puffs dessert. Bob sat in the hot tub for a while. Everyone else was tired and headed off to sleep.

Our rental car is a red Chevy Camaro. I feel like we're doing the Hawaii 5-0 tour. We need to get a picture of us next to it. LOL.

Oh, yesterday I forgot to put in the photos I took from Iain and Tess's deck. They have a gorgeous home up on a hillside overlooking the ocean. Yesterday it was so clear, we could see Molokai and Maui from their house.

Low island is Molokai. Behind it in the haze is Maui.
Looking another direction from their deck.
Thank you Iain and Tess for your hospitality while we are here. I feel like we're at a resort.

Iain and Tess have three shelties. Here's Lady posing for me.

Travel Bug out.