Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Project and Time with New Friends -- Sun., Feb. 17

As mentioned in my blog a few days ago, we had a big cabinet above our TV with no shelves in it. We store our CDs and DVDs there, but we could never find what we wanted because there were rows of CDs, one in front of the other.

Bob and I had a date to Home Depot to buy shelves so we could utilize the upper space in the cabinet. Today Bob tackled the project and finished it. Now we can find our CDs and DVDs plus a few other items we store in that space. It's so organized!

Here's the result of Bob's handiwork.
Voila! Organized storage.
You might be thinking that when we travel all the CDs will fall off the shelves. Bob said we will buy some small hooks and attach short bungee cords from hook to hook so we can hold in the CDs.

Our plans today included getting together with Mona Liza and Steve of The Lowe's RV Adventures. Both Bob and Steve had their projects lined out for today. You already know about Bob's project. Steve installed wi-fi on their MH. The projects were finished around 3:00 p.m.

We picked up Steve and Mona Liza. Bob played tour guide. We drove them past Mission San Jose and recommended they check out the National Park Visitor Center and explore the mission. Bob was on a mission to show them some other places nearby.

Since Steve had been a private pilot, we took them to Stinson Field and into the lobby where there are historic photos and articles. Little did we know, but the Texas Air Museum is at Stinson Field. Now Bob and I need to go back to see that!

From Stinson Field we drove to the Acequia Espada, a historic aqueduct.

Then we spent a little while at Mission Espada, looked in the Visitor Center and walked the grounds. While we were there a bride in her wedding dress with her bouquet was having her photos taken at the historic site. We had to stay out of the background of the photos.

Steve, Mona Liza and Bob at Mission Espada ruins.
Mona Liza is another shutterbug.
We only drove by Mission San Juan, Mission Concepcion and The Alamo. We didn't stay long anywhere we went this afternoon. The missions closed at 5:00 p.m. and Steve and Mona Liza plan to bike to these places tomorrow.

See illustration below.
Artist's rendering of The Alamo.
Bob also drove around King William Historic District on the south side of the city. Many historic, elegant, "old money" mansions can been seen here.

We wanted to take Mona Liza and Steve to dinner on the Riverwalk to celebrate both their birthdays (which are in February), but they insisted on taking us to dinner for driving them around this afternoon. That was very nice of them. After parking the car, we walked to the Riverwalk and entered the Riverwalk through one of the big hotels.

The following mural was designed by Thomas M. Stell, Jr. who died in 1981. The artwork was completed by Charles Francis Winans in 1981.

Mosaic gift from Tesoro Petroleum Corp. to the City of San Antonio.
Beautiful courtyard outside hotel.
Oh, sorry, blurry photo alert ... I guess this is what the sign might look like if I drank too much. LOL.

Glass art in a glass shop. (No, it's not Chihuly glass.)
For dinner we chose Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub and opted to sit inside because of the chilly wind whipping along the river. All of us agreed the food was very good. Steve ordered corned beef and cabbage, Mona Liza chose a baby spinach and shrimp salad, Bob had Dublin chicken, and I opted for Irish lamb stew with brown bread. The service was lacking--in fact poor to non-existent.

Even though our service was slow, we had a chance to talk about our travels and future plans, how we met our spouses, what kind of work we had done, our reading and music preferences, RV parks, workamping, what we enjoy seeing on the road, and cats and dogs. We found we have a lot in common.

Hopefully we will spend more time with them before they leave on Wednesday. I am getting very sleepy. Good night.

Travel Bug out.