Sunday, February 3, 2013

Historic Churches in San Antonio -- Sun., Feb. 3

Up and at 'em! Time to head out for our walk today. Because our walk passed by a number of historic churches we wanted to visit before the masses arrived. (Pun intended, especially since a number of the churches are Catholic.)

Not only did we see churches, we also visited the Alamo, Market Place, and read LOTS of historic markers telling about old buildings in downtown. Our normal two hour, 10K Volksmarch was four hours today. I took 217 photos!! Whew. That was another reason it took so long.

Here we go, a pictorial tour of downtown San Antonio. This first part of our walk sounded very clean.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Across the street from Immaculate Heart is Sanitary Tortilla.
Cactus garden in front of San Antone Police Department.
Comerica Building
Market Square.
Public market for more than 100 years.

Beautiful tile mural!

A decorative metal wall on the side of a building.
Children's Hospital of San Antonio mural.
 We walked through Milam park which had a view of the above mural, plus a number of historic markers.

Benjamin R. Milam--this park is named after him.
About Benjamin Milam.
San Francesco Di Paolo Catholic Church
Children's Hospital of San Antonio, formerly Santa Rosa Nursing.
Detail on Santa Rosa Nursing Building.
Another beautiful tile mural.
We thought this looked like an animal. Do you see it?
Bond, James Bond.
Railing on bridge over Riverwalk.
I want to visit the museum here when it's open.
Southwest School of Art is now on this site.
San Antonio Central Library.
Hotel Havana.
Foreground: St. Mary's Episcopal Church--grand re-opening today.
First Presbyterian Church
First Church of Christ Scientist
Grace Lutheran Church

Scottish Rite Cathedral
Alamo outer wall.

The Alamo.
We spent a short time walking around The Alamo. We had been here before, but missed the museum and movie. Today we took time to see the 15-minute movie.

Bob in Alamo archway.
Mural painted of what you would have seen though this arch in the 1700s.
Inside wall at The Alamo.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Little Church of La Villita
I must digress for a moment. If Bob were still in his profession (estimator in commercial roofing or sales rep for a roofing product), there's a good chance he would be attending this convention in San Antonio.

Original San Antonio downtown library.
Buckhorn Saloon & Museum: an "attraction" we plan to visit.
The old Kress store in downtown.
St. Mary's Catholic Church
San Fernando Cathedral

Flood control dam on the San Antonio River.
We finished our walk, then went back to Market Square to have lunch at Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery. The place has been business since 1949. The decor is so festive! Mariachi Bar is located inside too. The food and service were good. Except I wasn't thrilled with my Chilaquiles Famosos, eggs scrambled with tortilla strips topped with ranchero sauce and melted cheddar cheese. I expected the majority of the egg dish to be scrambled eggs, but what it was really like was soggy scrambled egg nachos. It came with refried beans and beef tri-tips cooked with green peppers and tomatoes. The tri-tips were excellent so I didn't go hungry. Bob had enchiladas verdes and he was very happy with his food. After lunch, we bought some goodies from the bakery to take home with us.

La Tierra Cafe indoor waiting area.
The bakery counter.
Our dining room.
Another dining room.
Hallway to yet another dining room.
Decor in one dining room.
Mariachi Bar has a beautiful wood bar with carved eagles.
Mi Tierra Cafe: "We Never Close."
 Walking back to the car we passed this tile mural. So colorful.


We finally got a picture of the pink hog. Click the link to read about it as there is no history marker at the pig itself.

And that was our day. I have lots more photos of history markers and historic buildings, but I will insert one here and there on days I don't have photos.

Travel Bug out.