Thursday, February 28, 2013

Walkin' the Malls -- Thurs., Feb. 28

42 degrees outside, cloudy, with a cold wind blowing in our faces and we decided to do a 10K (6.2 mile) walk? What were Peri and I thinking? We met at 10:30 a.m. at the San Marcos Tanger Outlet Mall Visitor Center where the walk box is located. After signing in, we headed out the door and basically walked the outer perimeter of two strip malls: Tanger and Premium Outlets.

Peri prepared for the cold way better than I did. I had on a fleece sweater with a T-shirt under it. She loaned me an extra pair of gloves she had in the truck. I was so thankful because the wind had a very cold bite to it, it went right through the fleece. 

Nice architecture on the Premium Outlets side.
These signs reminded me of Europe.
The view from outside the arches.
And the view from inside the arches.
But no Golden Arches here. The restaurants included Cracker Barrel, Outback Steakhouse, Subway (two locations), Johnny Rockets, River Grille, Wendy's, Taco Bell and a food court. About an hour into our walk, we stopped in the food court for lunch. Peri had a foot long turkey sandwich and I went to the Italian place and had a side of mac 'n' cheese with marinara sauce added to it. My lunch wasn't very big. Because Subway is having their "Februany" $5 foot long special, Peri bought the foot long because it was the same price as a 6" sandwich. She couldn't eat all of hers and offered half to me. Thank you, Peri. Your sandwich choice was very good. 

All in all it was a fun walk because we got to window shop along the way...check out all the colorful spring fashions. The following shoes are for your self protection, ladies. All you need is a bruiser dog collar and some big spiky bracelets. If your "dogs are barkin'," these are the shoes for you. LOL.

Who let the dogs out??
1960s revisited?
Neiman Marcus. See how pretty the day turned out?
I was intrigued by the 24-hour clock on Neiman Marcus. On the outside ring are Roman numerals up to 24; the inside ring has signs of the zodiac.

We had a choice on our 10k of walking two 5Ks (basically walking the mall twice) or walking the mall once, then walking three miles round trip on a sidewalk along a busy street. We chose to walk the mall twice. That way if we got really cold we could go into a store or restaurant and warm up. Plus we had the windbreak protection of the mall stores. I'm very happy we didn't walk on the main street. We would have been blasted by the wind coming from cars and trucks.

We could hardly believe how soon our walk was over. I guess Peri and I could say we Volksmarched into March.

Peri invited us to go with them to the Austin Kite Festival this coming Sunday. We will drive up to San Marcos and ride with them the rest of the way to Austin. Maybe we'll get in another Volksmarch in Austin. We'll play it by ear and see if it fits into our day.

Here are our watchcats. They keep an eye on the RV park for us, sort of, when they're not sleeping.

Bowie and Sunnie
Bob enjoyed his basketball last night. He went to the Spurs game with a co-worker. Then he came back to the 5er and watched the Portland Trailblazers. Unfortunately both teams lost at the end, but the games were exciting. As he watched the Blazer game, Bowie claimed his usual spot on the footrest lodged between Bob's legs.

Bowie bonding with "dad."
That's all folks.

Travel Bug out.