Saturday, August 24, 2013

Krause Springs Swimming Holes - Sat., Aug. 24

Bright and early, we met up with Paul and Jacqueline (members of Hill Country Hikers) in San Antonio to carpool to Krause Springs about 1-1/2 hours north. San Antonio Hill Country Hikers meetup group not only hikes but visits places like Mustang Island State Park on the Gulf Coast, and Krause Springs west of Austin, Texas. They are a group of people with whom we like to hang out and experience Texas outdoor adventure spots. About 22 people attended today.

Krause Springs is a 115-acre privately owned park that has 32 natural springs. Owned by the Krause family for 50 years, the park is listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites.

There are 24 RV sites with water and electricity, plus some primitive tent camping sites. for camping are $12 per adult, $6 per child and $12 for the RV site. We did not take our 5er on this trip as it's an easy day trip from San Antonio.

After paying our $6 per person admission fee, we found a spot by the man-made pool to hang out for the day. When more of the group arrived it was decided that the spot we were in, even though it was in the shade, would soon be in full sun. With temperatures soaring to 97 degrees today, full sun was not an option. Being that we were some of the first to arrive, we were able to find an area that would be shaded all day.

Our picnic and hang-out spot when we weren't swimming.
You can see from all the bags in our site that quite a few people were on this activity. In the background are Gary, our activity organizer and chef for the day, and Hilary.

The first thing I wanted to do was get in the man-made, spring-fed pool. The crowds had not arrived and the water looked so inviting. Only four other people were in the pool. At first toe-touch, the water felt rather chilly. Once in, though, it was refreshing. Because it's a spring-fed pool, when I got out, my skin felt soft to the touch. After my hair dried, it was soft and silky. Very nice!

Man-made, spring-fed pool.
Man-made pool.
Getting more crowded as the day goes on.
Next, a few of us walked down to the natural spring-fed pool. I jumped in the water and swam out to the falls. Again, the water was refreshingly cool, but not frigid...perfect for a hot Texas day.

Before the crowds descended on the natural pool.
A pretty waterfall.
The natural, spring-fed pool. Yep, that's me.
The rope swing was extremely popular.
Bob on the rocks at the natural pool.
Such a beautiful spot!

After we sat and chatted, then read for a while, I wanted to take some photos at the Butterfly Garden. Bob was happily ensconced in a chair with his nose in a book. First a couple of photos of the group...

Hilary showing off her swimming accessories.
Here is the Butterfly Garden which also attracted moths, bees and wasps.

Clearwing hummingbird moth...An incredible moth!


Chickens? In the Butterfly Garden?

Passion fruit flower.
Pampas grass.
So inviting!

Paul showing how big the Cypress wood slab is.

After walking around the Butterfly Garden, it was time to relax. Out came the book and the water bottle. Most of the group was back at our picnic site and we had fun conversations.

My current reading material.

Jacqueline and Laurie
Jessie, Lupita, Nyla
Paul and Lupita
Around 1 p.m., Gary, our chef and organizer, let everyone know the brats and buns were ready to eat. After spending time swimming, walking and enjoying the fresh air, lunch sounded very good. When Gary finished cooking the brats, we put our salmon fillet on the coals. In addition to the main dishes, there was fruit salad, veggie tray, pasta salad, chips and hummus of varying flavors, salsa, chocolate caramel bars, and cookies. This group seldom goes hungry on a day trip.
Here's the man-made pool with the afternoon crowd.

After lunch Bob went swimming at the natural pool with some of the group and I stayed at the site to read. At 3 p.m., our carpool group called it a day. We loaded up Paul's truck with our chairs, cooler and bag, and headed back to San Antonio. Now, I don't normally sleep in the car, but I slept soundly most of the way back to San Antonio.

We had a fun and relaxing day out in nature with a great group of people. Thanks for coming along to see what we did.

Travel Bug out.                 
The end.