Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lady Bird Johnson Community Park - Sun., Aug. 4

San Antonio, Texas -
Despite Bob's pain from his plantar fasciitis, he decided to do a Volksmarch with me this morning. I opted to do the 5K (3.1 miles) instead of the 10K walk. Our route took us on the Salado Creek Greenway Trail from Lady Bird Johnson Community Park to Tobin Park and back again.

We walked slowly at a pace Bob felt he could maintain. Still, his foot hurt quite a bit.

Silver-leaf nightshade.

A small dam or water catchment basin.

Master of faster (only not today)

Salado Creek Greenway Trail
Big turtle on a side trail.
Dayflower (Commelina erecta)
Unknown people on the trail.
Turk's Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus)
The trail passes through Los Patios, an area with restaurants and shops.

Find the hidden cat.
Bob, almost back to the car.
After our walk, we came home and I made Pumpkin-blueberry pancakes with pure maple syrup, fried eggs and cut-up peaches served separately. Very tasty.

Observation from my day at the beach yesterday: Make sure you don't miss any spots with suntan lotion! When I got home last night it didn't take me long to discover that I missed the back of my right shoulder. It is bright red and hurts!

Bob's been driving around in a black BMW this weekend, very chic! His boss is trying to sell it, so Bob took it for a wash and then to three different places to assess the value. I can only imagine the talk/gossip around the RV park as to how we could possibly afford such a luxurious car. They probably also wonder what happened to our pick-up truck and how could we tow our 5th wheel with a sporty BMW. Tonight, the Beemer changes from Cinderella's coach back into a pumpkin: He returns the BMW to his boss's house and picks up his truck. Order will be restored to the RV park. LOL.

Our refrigerator has died. On Friday morning, I awoke to find the dreaded "n" code on the refrigerator. Instead of going back up to Camping World and having to deal with cats in the car for hours on end, we called a mobile RV repairman who works with Good Sam's Extended Service Warranty. On Friday afternoon he came to our site and tightened a loose wire, re-set something and the fridge was working until we went to bed. Saturday morning, the "n" symbol was back and we couldn't get the fridge to come back on. The frozen meats in our freezer were half thawed. Bob called the repairman who told us he thinks it must be the motherboard. He does not have one in stock. Hopefully he can get it fixed on Monday. Now we are back to using our Coleman cooler with ice. Our RV park is so nice. They are letting us put our meat in the Rec Hall freezer until ours is repaired.

No more excitement to report. Travel Bug out.