Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Heat and Movie Reviews - Thurs., Aug. 1

Monday, in the heat of the day, laundry chores were completed. Spoiler alert re: The Bachelorette. At night, I watched The Bachelorette and was completely disgusted by the show. Normally I love watching, but Brooks, her runaway favorite, all of a sudden in Antigua decides he "doesn't know how" he feels about Desiree. Chris Harrison talks to Brooks about his feelings and draws out the maudlin conversation to ten or more minutes. Then Brooks has to tell Desiree that he's just not feeling right about their relationship. The show devolved into Desiree having a blubbering, sniffling pity party. Again, this part of the "drama" was stretched like Silly Putty to its breaking point. Talk about time fillers. The show could have been over in an hour instead of two. Sheesh.

Movie review: Tuesday I went to see The Wolverine in the middle of the afternoon. The reviews I read in Entertainment Weekly and The Oregonian were good. Even though I was skeptical about going, I went because of the reviews. I should say here that I totally enjoyed the X-men movies. However, I did not enjoy this movie. It had moments of exciting storyline and a couple of interesting characters, but overall, just another angst-ridden comic-book character. My favorite character was Yukio (Rila Fukushima) who brought an element of the unknown into the movie. I liked her verve and stick-to-it-iveness. Otherwise there was a lot of gratuitous violence and preposterousness (is that a word?).

In the parking lot at the movie theater, I saw the coolest car grille...looks Spiderman-ish.

Tuesday night, Bob and I went to see San Antonio Mission baseball against the Corpus Christi Hooks. It was a pleasant night at the ballpark...not too hot and a nice breeze blowing. The Missions won the game. Yay! Afterwards we went to Sonic for their half-price shakes. Bob had peanut butter fudge and I had strawberry cream pie. So delicious!  It was a very nice date night.

Movie review: Wednesday, Paycheck, our Netflix selection, arrived. The movie stars Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman. I watched the movie in the afternoon and boy did I love this movie. How I missed it at the theaters is beyond me. The story is about a man who, in the not-too-distant future, works at reverse engineering high-tech products to make them better and cooler than the competitor's products. To do the work, he goes into seclusion at a company for four to eight weeks. At the end of that time, when the product is ready, his memory of the weeks he worked on the project is erased and he then collects his paycheck. Erasing his memory is done at great risk to his health. For his next assignment, he is asked to do a very top-secret project which will take three years. Impossible, he says, no one has ever done an assignment over eight weeks (and that was him). Eventually they talk him into it with the offer of stock options that are "guaranteed" to be six figures. He accepts the assignment. His memory is erased. When he goes to collect his paycheck, he is told he signed away his rights to the stock options. Then his belongings are given back to him (they were collected when he started his three-year assignment). Only thing is, the items aren't his. Or are they? From this point on, the movie really gets moving and becomes a thriller in which he has to figure out what the items are to be used for to save his life. Very exciting and a whopping good puzzle. I highly recommend this. The DVD also had "extras" which were very well done, including an alternate ending. I gave it five out of five stars.

When Bob got home Wednesday night, he watched Paycheck and enjoyed it too.

Today, I went back to work at the RV park office to start my two days for this week. August is our slowest month of the year. We had one check-in and four departures. We also made four future reservations.

That's all from here. Safe travels to you.

Travel Bug out.