Sunday, September 8, 2013

Congregatin' - Sunday, Sep. 8

When writing a blog, choosing a catchy title can be tricky. Then there are times when the whole blog comes to you as you're doing something else.

This Sunday morning, for example, so many sights and thoughts triggered thinking, "We are in nature's church this morning." As we did our Volksmarch, this thought was confirmed over and over again. Just look at what we saw...

Sunrise service:

  Bouquets and floral arrrangements:

Dried flower arrangement.

False purple thistle (Eryngium leavenworthii)
The Choir:
Choir Director
Northern mockingbird.

Texas spiny softshell turtle.
Northern cardinal.
Snowy egret

Texas spiny softshell turtle.

 The Preacher:
Preacher (great blue heron)
Deacon (little blue heron)
Mother Goose keeping an eye on the...
Papa Goose trying to keep up.
A sleeping congregant (great egret)
Congregant flying in last minute (snowy egret)
 Buffet line:

Red-winged blackbirds eating sunflower seeds.
Ruby-throated hummingbird at juice bar.
That was our Sunday morning 10K Volksmarch which went from Mission San Jose to Mission Concepcion and back. Lovely walk from 7:00 to 9:15 a.m. Best of all, we can do this walk anytime from our RV park!

8:45 a.m., 88 degrees and humid.
This afternoon we finally got a dose of heavy rain pounding on the RV and ponding on the ground. It was short lived, but much needed.

Bob did two loads of laundry as he had quite a few work-out clothes that needed washing. [The RV park laundry room will be closed the next two days for annual maintenance.]

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Selma, TX to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse with our friends Vicky and Bob Heron who are currently staying in the Canyon Lake area. We met them when we were all gate guarding in south Texas in May-June 2012. The dinner was wonderful and we got to play "ketchup." They will soon be off traveling and we hope to catch up with them again later this year.

The hostess at Outback was kind enough to snap a photo of the four of us before we said our "See you laters."
Susan, Bob, Vicky, Bob.
Back at the ranch we had the War with the Squirrels. You see, they have discovered the bird feeder with sunflower seeds. When we see them out on the feeder, either Bob or I will explode out the door and chase them away. Bob actually doused one with water which is a feat because those little buggers are FAST when they want to be. I've never been able to hit one with the water. We need a Super Soaker water pistol!

Here's one of the pests scoping out the feeder from different angles.

Upside down (with sunflower seed in mouth)
Right-side up
So far the squirrels are winning the battle. And so it is.

Snelling just called. The insurance agency would like me to work again Monday and Tuesday this week. I have a medical test tomorrow morning, but told Snelling I could go there when my test was finished. They also requested me for the following Monday and Tuesday. It's nice to be wanted.

Travel Bug out.