Friday, September 20, 2013

Tropical Storms Equal Rain, Fri., Sept. 20

Sunday is the first day of autumn, tropical storms are moving into south Texas from the Gulf of Mexico and Texas is on the receiving end of the built-up moisture colliding with "cooler" air.

The rain has arrived and not stealthily in mist form as we see so often in Oregon. No, this rain comes charging in, big as day, galloping across South Texas, spreading mud and water in its wake. Rain pummels the roof, sits 6-8" deep in intersections, and tapers off long enough for the water to subside. Then it starts all over again.

Today has been a day of pounding rain and thunder. No mousy mist or prolonged drizzle. Texas rain means it, get 'er done and move on.

Thankfully, our RV site is draining properly and we are not an island in a puddle in the RV park. The storms are predicted to continue tomorrow.

Texas certainly needs the rain to fill lakes and aquifers. However, I have a feeling of trepidation about flying to Portland tomorrow morning. It could be a rough ride. [Note: Hmmm, then I guess I'll be a rough rider. There's a tradition of that in Texas thanks to Colonel Teddy Roosevelt. I think quite a number of Rough Riders volunteered in San Antonio, come to think of it. But I digress.] 

I have an early morning flight which puts me in Portland around 1:00 p.m. Here's hoping for a smooth flight.

Bob will be on his own with Bowie and Sunnie. The kitties will have to adjust to a new schedule.

Not only is Texas raining, it's raining in Portland too. I'll be flying into storms. Looking at the weather forecast, the first seven days of my trip, are 90%, 80% and 60% chance of rain. It's a good thing I'm used to Oregon weather. We just continue one with what we planned to do (most of the time). We'll see how I do with my plan to do 10 Volksmarches in Oregon. It it's pouring rain, that may not be happening.

Stay tuned for TravelBug TRAVEL updates.

Over and out.