Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Out and About in Oregon - Tues., Sept. 24

A hodgepodge of activities today "heavily" canted toward eating out. Emphasis on heavily.

Shortly after being awakened by Mom this morning, we headed off to the community center for exercise class. I had time to eat a banana before we went. We spent an hour working out to music and I met some of her friends. We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow.

Once home, we changed our clothes and I had time to call Bob to see how he's doing. Bob is busy working. He had another atrial fibrillation episode; his cardiologist put him back on his medication. All is well on the home front.

Mom and I then headed to Wilsonville to have lunch with Kimmie, our adopted family member originally from Vietnam. Kimmie and Mom worked together for many years until Mom retired, but the Nguyens have remained close. We picked Kimmie up from work and went to lunch at Thai Village Kitchen in Wilsonville. Mom and I had Mango Paradise and Kimmie chose Pad Thai. Whenever we visit Oregon we always want to see Kimmie and Ky (if he's available). Our lunch visit was very nice, but too short. After an hour, we took Kimmie back at work.

Mom and Kimmie.
In the afternoon, Michael (my son) came over and we watched "The Illusionist." Or, I should say, Mike and Mom watched "The Illusionist," I used it as an excuse to take a nap. I had seen it before and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

When the movie ended, I took Mike to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. (His birthday was a month ago, but I wasn't here then.) We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed chatting with each other.

Mike deciding what to eat at Red Robin.
Back at Mom's house, the three of us played Rummikub for an hour or more. Today was a fun day...exercise, family, friends and food.

Tomorrow will be more relaxing. We'll sleep in, do a Volksmarch, and go grocery shopping at New Seasons.

Travel Bug out.