Saturday, December 1, 2012

New South Wales into Victoria State, Australia -- Sat., Dec. 1

We are making tracks. After checking out around 10:00 a.m., we stopped at a patisserie/bakery in Batemans Bay. We took our goodies to a park overlooking the bay and islands.

Today has been a day of coastal views, beaches and more beaches, small towns, and a waterfall. I'll let the pictures tell the story today.

Batemans Bay.
Ominous clouds over Batemans Bay.
Eurobodalla National Park, Dalmeny Beach
Bridge to Dalmeny Beach

Do you remember yesterday when I told you the flies are a nuisance and annoying? This photo of a man walking in front of us shows all the flies on his back. Yeah, that's a lot of flies! Bob and I keep shooing flies away from each other's backs.

For all our RV friends, here is a painted trailer out in front of a caravan (RV) park.

Caravan park at Dalmeny Beach.
Yabarra Beach

Yabbarra Beach.
Batemans Marine Park.
Cute sign.

Mystery Bay
Young at heart, Mystery Bay

As we drove on Highway 1, the Princes Highway, there were kangaroo and wombat crossing warning signs. In one place, we saw a wallaby standing by the side of the road. Then a little farther on, I saw what looked like a tall person standing in the middle of the road. It took my brain a moment to process that it was a 6' or taller kangaroo. I slowed down and the 'roo hopped off the road. I drove by cautiously just in case it changed its mind and hopped back out, but it didn't. We saw a number of dead 'roos, wallabies and a couple of dead wombats along the road.

When the road turned inland, the scenery varied from verdant, hilly farm country with cows, sheep, horses, or llamas to eucalypt forests or, in place, ferns and rainforest environments. We also passed a number of lakes and rivers.

The Info Centre in Narooma was unique. There is a history involved with the lighthouse which is explained in the museum inside.

One of our favorite stops of the day was Mumbulla Falls. It reminded us of a waterfall in Oregon where we used to take the boys swimming. You could slide down the falls into a pool and jump and dive from different levels of rocks.

Mumbulla Falls

A local kid sliding down the waterfall. Fun!
The Snowy River in Orbost, Victoria.
Our temperatures today ranged from a humid 85-90 degree morning to 75 degrees this afternoon, droppign to 16 C (60 F) this evening. We are staying in a town called The Lakes Entance. Earlier this evening there were thunder and lightning storms here, many puddles remain in parking lots.

Tomorrow we plan to make it past Melbourne so we can drive The Great Ocean Road. At an Info Centre today, we found about eight more waterfalls to see in another national park. However, tonight when Bob was researching those waterfalls online, it seems there has been a huge flood and most of the trails to the waterfalls in that park are closed. I guess we'll be sticking to The Great Ocean Road. We will stop in Melbourne on our way back to Sydney next week. 

We checked into our motel at 8:15 p.m., then went to dinner at Pinnochio's Inn where we shared minestrone soup and Chicken Avocado. A delightful meal!

Time for sleep. Travel Bug conked out.