Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Travelers -- Wed, Dec. 5

Melbourne was in our rear-view mirrors by 10:30 a.m. Stops included rest areas, then Campbelltown for dinner at an Indian restaurant, washed the grime and vacuumed the dirt/sand out of our rental car. We saw rolling hills, sheep, cows, farmland and a few mountains in the distance.

One of the more interesting things we saw on our drive (but I didn't get a picture of) was a submarine partially implanted in the ground in the town of Holbrook. Seems it's quite famous as you will see by clicking on the Holbrook link in the previous sentence and this link: HMAS Otway.

Oh, and we also saw The Big Merino, celebrating merino wool.

Arrival time at YHotel Hyde Park in downtown Sydney was 9:00 p.m. after lots and lots of driving.

Here are photos of our 11-1/2 hour drive all taken from the passenger seat.
Lots of wide open roads and beautiful sky.

I need to make a comment on the following photo. If you click to open it, you will see metal posts with arms that cross over the freeway. On those arms are cameras that record your license and radar that records your speed. On all the roads in New South Wales and Victoria there are speed cameras in varying places along the roads. In addition, mobile cameras can be in use at any time, anywhere to record your speed. If you speeed, you get fines and demerits on your driver's license. If you travel in the right lane on the freeway and you're not overtaking (passing) another car (remember you drive on the left in Australia), then the fine is $220 and you get demerits on your driver's license.

Love the effect of the grasses blowing in the wind in the foreground.
Windmills in a few places.
I also need to back up to Melbourne to tell you about driving in the city. When we took our free Visitor Info Centre Shuttle Tour, our driver explained a "hook turn" to us. When you drive in downtown Melbourne, trams (electric trains) have the right of way. So, if you're driving down the road on the left-hand side but need to make a right-hand turn across the intersection, you have to pull way over to the left (almost in the crosswalk) to let other cars go by. When the light turns red in your direction and turns green to the right, you then have right of way to turn right before the cars can go on the cross street to your left. Confusing, I know. We are so happy we did not drive in downtown Melbourne and opted to pay for public transit!
Tomorrow we have all day in Sydney. Our Hawaiian Airlines flight leaves for Honolulu, Hawaii at 9:40 p.m.
Travel Bug out.