Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Re-settling -- Tues., Dec. 18

For a quiet day, I had a little excitement anyway. This afternoon, I did five loads of laundry. We hadn't done our laundry before we left, so that was two loads. I also had to wash all our bedding after the kitties slept on it for seven weeks. Lots of cat hair!

As I was walking back from the laundry room, Terry, our park manager, saw me and said, "Hi, you're back."

 I said, "Yeah, and I was just walking over to pick up my car." (They had stored it for me while we were gone.)

He said, "I'll go get it for you. It's in a garage." So a few minutes later, he had my car back. They are so nice here!

It was a gorgeous day today so I left the front door open with only the screen door latched. That way the kitties could watch the birds and get fresh air. When I finished the laundry, I was making the bed with kitty "helpers." I shooed them out of the way and continued making the bed, seriously engrossed. Then I realized the cats weren't bugging me anymore.

I looked out in the living room and realized the screen door was wide open. NO KITTIES IN SIGHT! Aaack. They escaped. Normally they go under our RV or stay close if they escape. I could not find them. It was a few minutes since I had last seen them inside. They weren't in the sites on either side of us. I was getting worried.

Finally I found them exploring around the MH to the right behind us. I caught Sunnie with no problem and put him back inside. Bowie, on the other hand, was not about to be caught. He was on the neighbor's picnic table, but as soon as he saw me coming, he went underneath their motorhome (MH).

I got him to come under our 5er, but do you know how hard it is to crawl on gravel under the 5er? He would not come out.  A very nice gentlema,Bill, from the 5er next to us came home from the grocery store and saw my predicament. He really wanted to help, but couldn't get under the 5er due to a knee replacement.

The peacock feather is usually a really good enticement. Bowie acted like it didn't exist. He was into eating a spider web on the inside of the tires.

Next came the wet food. He was interested and partially came out from behind the wheels, but when I tried to grab him, behind the wheels he went.

I decided I had to crawl under the 5er. I got a thick towel to crawl on, but I couldn't get near him.

The man next door had a pole with a hook on the end of it. He pushed it toward Bowie who then went to the other side of the RV near our door. The man brought the stick around and we pushed it toward Bowie. Out came Bowie and jumped on our picnic table. As I walked over to him, he jumped down and hid under the picnic table. With the other man and I partially surrounding him, he finally surrendered and I got him out from under the picnic table. Whew. Crazy cat! Both cats are now safe and sound inside.

After the catventure, I went grocery shopping. When I got back with the groceries there were both kitties at the door trying to get out. I used the bags of groceries to back them away from the door.

Now that the snowbirds are in the park, the activity calendar has something almost every day: bunco once a week, Friday Happy Hours, Saturday breakfasts for $5.50, Monday night dinners, poker nights, women's group, Christmas parade and caroling this weekend, Christmas Eve potluck, Christmas dinner and a New Year's Eve Party.

Not much else today. Travel Bug out.