Saturday, March 30, 2013

Diamond Wedding in the House zur Lippe

No fuss and fuss over their people appreciate both not. Today this is so, and that was 60 years ago no different when Prince Armin  zur Lippe  and Princess Traute of Lippe  tied the knot
Just because Prince Armin and his bride Marie Elisabeth Traute Becker wanterd now crowds at their church Wedding on 29.03.1953, the ceremony got a little unusual. Today can both laugh at the anecdotes that have grown up around it.
Everything said Prince Armin zur Lippe  had already begun at the civil Wedding on 27.03. when the  Göttinger registrar  absolutely not wanted to recognize the name Prince zurf Lippe. Although 1950 had been enforced by the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia by name approval decision, but: "Your father was a Fürst, so you are also a Fürst" Armin cites the  registrar. Which eventually had to be convinced not only by the birth certificate, but also by the birth protocol in which the Chamberlain on 18 Detmolder the registry office August 1924 had reported that a Prince was born.

The religious ceremony itself, so does Princess Traute on the thread, should make her confirmation pastor in Celle - after Sunday service. Meanwhile, however, the press had of the "princely wedding" caught wind and waited outside the church. Short was negotiated by telephone between pastoral office and bridal house. "Then the Pastor grabbed the t's robe in the briefcase and came to us. Quite quickly, the desk of my mother became an Altar, and we had  chairs placed in the room to sit so that everyone could", she remembers the house wedding, whicgh stand at the beginning of a long history together.
Said honestly when their initial joint studies in Göttingen and in an intense friendship with her fellow student who took two Joachim Illies. You have not thought of marriage, she says. Certainly not more than Armin zur Lippe after the death of his father Fürst Leopold IV. on 30.12.1949 had to return as his heir to Detmold. "But here, I was not all that necessary," says Prince Armin. So there was the chance to complete the studies with a thesis - and a chance for the couple, who already felt more than friendship for each other.
Although both were aiming for a career in science was clear: Your place is in Detmold. The profound biological training but came to them with the new tasks in the management of the property to property: observation, systematization, accuracy - that have really helped, both say. And here, in the capital city, 1959 son Stephen came into the world, who has taken over a number of obligations of the house lip. It will be part together with his wife Maria and their five children the first to congratulate.
A certain love for Accurate and "Tricky" speaks from the enthusiasm for Sudoku puzzles, the Prince and Princess Armin Traute like to solve together. How much ever happens in the team: Walking with Henry about Scottish terrier, a stroll through the market, domestic work, official appointments.
Both also have a penchant for art and theater. "Is boring us for a second," says Princess. Traute. "I can still laugh at the jokes of my husband," she adds. "And I can always find new," adds Prince Armin.