Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter into Spring -- Wed., Mar. 13

All the windows are open and a soft breeze is blowing through the 5er. These are the kinds of days I live for. The temperature is 73 degrees. All is well with the world.

Yikes! My last blog was Sunday and it's Wednesday already. So here's a little "ketchup" for you. 

Monday and Tuesday, I had a scratchy, sore throat. I spent my day drinking Airborne and had chicken with wild rice soup and chili to try to fight the bug. It seems to be working. I sneezed only once, haven't had a runny nose and don't feel totally run down. Getting enough sleep has helped too. Sunday night was a bit rough as I kept waking up coughing up gunk, but Monday night and last night were fine. Today I woke up with laryngitis and couldn't hear myself talk. 

Seems I'm always talking to the cats, but today I was a cat whisperer. When I called Bob on the phone, he said I am a "hoarse" whisperer. Too funny. Do you see why I love him?

Bob has been the handyman lately. Not only did he build shelves to give us more room in one of our cupboards, he also washed Rigamarole (our 5er) and The Beast (his pickup), replaced the broken closet door closure thingy, and replaced a broken vent cover on the 5er battery compartment. He does all these things in addition to working a J-O-B.

Someone is blowing bubbles outside. There are bubbles floating all over the RV park. Cute. They must be on spring break. 

Speaking of spring break, the RV park is full. People with families showed up to join all the Winter Texans. The pool is active. Come to think of it, this park is always active even when it's not spring break. People are out and about walking, jogging, walking dogs, riding bikes and hanging out on their "patios."

Which brings me to my topic today: winter into spring. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am that we spent winter in south central Texas (San Antonio to be exact). For winter, the weather has been delightful. It's almost always sunny, mostly warm (except for the occasional cold spells), dry, not humid, and pleasant compared to winters in the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, and more so in Washington, winter weather starts in October with cold, stinging rain and wind and continues until about March when everything leafs out, blooms and looks beautiful, but it's still raining and cold!

Next Wednesday is the first day of spring on the calendar, but here in Texas spring has sprung people. Yesterday was 78 degrees, what I consider the perfect temperature, especially when nice breezes flow through. This Sunday our temperature is forecast to be 86 degrees. Ahhh.

Tonight we will watch Survivor, CSI and the movie Robot and Frank (from Netflix). Bob will pick up a Papa John's BBQ Chicken pizza on his way home from work and we can settle in and relax for the evening.

Here are some pictures from the rolling cat house. LOL.

Sunnie loves sleeping between our two laptops (and I don't mean our physical laps!):

Sunnie scrunched in between our laptop computer screens.
Side view.
In the following photo, the little darlings were getting their wah-wahs out: playing chase, running back and forth, back and forth in the 5er, scattering throw rugs (or is that throwing scatter rugs?), and jumping up on every available surface. This is how indoor cats get their exercise. Oh, and by chasing laser dots.
Cats in action. Notice the two blurs?

Sunnie the tree cat.

"Clean, fresh, folded laundry. Mine, all mine."
Yesterday was chore day: vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, laundry.

And that's RV life for this week so far.

Our thoughts go out to a dear family friend, Ky, who is in the hospital in Portland, Oregon. He is in his 50s, thought he had pneumonia, but it may be his heart. He is undergoing many tests. Their oldest son, Devon, flew up to be with them.

Kimmie and Ky are Vietnamese friends my mom met through her work, but who are now like family members to us. We feel really bad that they are going through this. I'm waiting for mom to give me another update.

We love you, Kimmie and Ky!

Travel Bug out.