Friday, March 8, 2013

In Enemy Territory -- Fri., Mar. 8

Intrepidly wearing our red colors, we infiltrated behind enemy lines. The security detail yelled to the crowd that Portland Trailblazer fans would have a hard time getting into the arena (AT&T Center). Let the trash talking begin.

With that welcome, we made our way to our seats one row from the top of the arena. We were surrounded by San Antonio Spurs fans.  (Thank you to Stephanie at Bob's work who won season Spurs tickets. She has been kind enough to share them with other people in the office.)

Our minds ever hopeful, we thought positive thoughts and hoped for the best. If you've been following the Portland Trailblazers this season, that's all you can do.

However, the Blazers turned it on tonight. We were surprised, then delighted, then amazed. The Trailblazers kept up with the Spurs and then blasted them to smithereens. Thank you to the skitterbug, #30, Damian Lillard, who scored **35** points, and had nine assists, three rebounds and two steals. He was everywhere. Wow. Final score 136-106. It was the spurs second worst home loss EVER.

Damian wasn't the only Blazer to put up big numbers. LaMarcus Aldridge had 26 points, J.J. Hickson had 23 points and 11 rebounds, and Eric Maynor had 20 points off the bench. Whee! What a fun game to watch.

Since we've been in San Antonio, we've had the opportunity to go to a few Spurs games. The arena tonight was the quietest we've ever heard it. Spurs fans know how to bring the house down...when they're winning, that is.

As Bob said, normally when we go to the Spurs games we cheer for the Spurs. But having lived in Oregon for over 35 years, the Blazers are still "our" team. So on the one night the Blazers play in the AT&T Center, if we happen to be at the game, we cheer for the Blazers behind enemy lines.

Tonight was Military Appreciation Night at the game. Many tributes were made to those in the Armed Forces who serve our country. Wounded Warriors had courtside seats for the game.

We had a super fun evening.

On a different note, Bob has his second upper respiratory infection (URI) in about a month. He hadn't finished coughing from his first one, when he came down with this one earlier in the week. Bummer for him. I felt bad for him tonight with his runny nose and coughing. So far I have not caught it.

I'll end this blog with a photo of Bowie sleeping peacefully in "his" box.

Infiltrating agents Travel Bug and Bob out.