Saturday, March 16, 2013

Monticello Park Historic District, San Antonio -- Sat., Mar. 16

Today's 10K (6.2 mi.) sponsored Volksmarch is through the Monticello Park Historic District. Jim and Peri drove an hour from San Marcos to meet us at the start point. Here's the "history" of this district:
"During the late 1920s, a group of developers ... transformed a dairy farm owned by George Calvert into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Antonio. The Monticello Park Historic District is composed of an eclectic mix of architectural styles, ranging from Art Moderne to Spanish Eclectic and Tudor Revival. One of the most well-known architects to live and design buildings within the district was N. Strauss Nayfach. He designed about 40 of the homes in the neighborhood, in addition to prominent San Antonio and Texas buildings, such as the downtown Alameda Theater and one of the buildings at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Architecture."
According to information on the Volksmarch flyer:
"Walkers will also pass by the beautiful Moorish/Spanish style Thomas Jefferson High School that was completed at the cost of $1,250,000 in 1932, an amazing amount considering it was during the Great Depression. In 1937 Thomas Jefferson High School was chosen the most outstanding high school in America. In 1938 and 1939 Twentieth Century Fox filmed two movies on the campus."
The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky by the time we started walking. It did get warm (84 degrees), but a nice breeze helped keep us just right for most of the walk. The main focus of photos today is on the variety of architectural styles of the homes and flowers in bloom. I'm not an expert on the different styles. Here we go...

Jim and Bob discussing chimney stabilization.
Colonial Revival style home.
Southern Colonial home
Tudor style
Tree with pink tubular flowers.
Bluebonnets and ??
Colonial Revival
Colonial Revival

Southern Colonial
Tudor style
Tudor style

Love the tile detail around the door.
Colonial Revival
Tudor style

Spanish eclectic

Woodlawn Lake Park

Turtles in the sun
Woodlawn Lake
Public pool at Woodlawn Lake Park
One of these is not like the others.
Great blue heron
Lighthouse in Woodlawn Lake...
so you don't hit any reefs!
Yard Easter Basket
Bird of prey. Harris hawk?

Beautiful shrub, couldn't identify.
Deco District mural.
Red bottle brush
Thomas Jefferson High School--built in 1932.
Thomas Jefferson High School -- Moorish/Spanish style

On the walk, Jim was pointing out the mesquite trees, showing us how they were getting new leaves. He explained that mesquite is a "smart" tree and knows when winter (or freezing temperatures) are over. If the tree has leafed out, no more freezes. He told me to put it in my blog.

I told him I would after I looked it up. What I found was this: "...old timers knew not to plant their garden until the mesquite trees budded out. They said the tree was smart enough not to sprout until winter was over." Jim, did you write that?

AND from the Department of Range and Wildlife Management at Texas Tech University: "Budbreak of west Texas mesquite generally occurs after the last frost of spring." There is also a convoluted equation that goes along with predicting when budbreak will occur so pesticides can be applied at an effective time. (Mesquite is a weed.)

After our walk, Jim and Peri had errands to run, then they headed to our 5er for tuna sandwiches, little Cuties tangerines, and chipotle pretzel chips (thanks for the chips, y'all). They also brought dessert: strawberry shortcake. Photo below. Yummy!

Peri & Jim and our strawberry shortcake.
We then played pinochle and the guys won by a lot. So we tried our luck at Sequence and again the guys wiped us out. They had to save face after Peri and I beat them over and over in Sequence the last time we played.

Tomorrow, we will be doing the bridges Volksmarch in Kerrville, Texas. Evelyn and Kevin invited us for brunch and dinner. We're excited about walking and exploring with them.

We have new followers: Bob and Gaby of Texas Heat. Welcome to our world. Bob and Gaby are gate guards in Texas.

Since it's late, I'll leave you with photos of the fur-kids sleeping, which is what I'll be doing shortly.

Sunnie in the sun
Bowie in a box
 Travel Bug out.