Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walk with Kevelyn -- Sun., Mar. 17

Are you wearin' the green? Happy St. Patty's Day to you.

This morning, we drove to Kerrville, Texas, for our pre-arranged 10K Volksmarch with Evelyn and Kevin. Evelyn made a good brunch casserole with eggs, potatoes, chicken and cheese and served it with cantaloupe and orange juice. We brought some grapes and had those as well.

Nicely fortified, we set off on the Kerrville "Bridges" Volksmarch. It's interesting that they named the walk that, but I'll explain further down in the blog. The start point was close to their RV park, we only had to drive a mile or two to get there.

We started at Elm Creek Park. We chose to do the 0.83 mi. loop around the perimeter of the park at the beginning of our walk. (We could have chosen to do it at the end of the walk instead.)

Elm Creek Park where we started our "bridges" walk.
Perimeter trail around Elm Creek Park.
Our walk lead us through a residential neighborhood. We crossed TX Hwy 27 and crossed our first real bridge over the Guadalupe River. The only other "bridges" we crossed on this walk were two little wooden bridges in Elm Creek Park. We thought the walk would cross more bridges over the Guadalupe River and maybe the bridges would have interesting history. Nope, not this walk, which was actually pretty boring and hot.

The temperature today reached 87 degrees and there was very little shade. On a slight hill, we had a refreshing breeze.

Here are more pics from the walk today. Only one wildlife sighting.

Guadalupe River in Kerrville, Texas. Notice the fishermen in boats?
The red slider turtle pictured below doesn't have any frame of reference for how big he is. For all you can tell from looking at this photo, he could be the size of a pet baby turtle in a small plastic tub in your home. Actually, this is a medium-sized turtle. I'd say he's about 10" across. There are lots of turtles in the Guadalupe River. They come up, take a breath and dive down out of sight. Poof. One minute they're there, a few seconds later they're gone.

Red slider turtle in the Guadalupe River.
Beautiful clouds today.
The main bridge we crossed in our "bridges" walk.
First time I've ever seen a street named Susan.
The streets in one neighborhood were all named after women. The street we walked on the most was called Lois St. Bob couldn't understand why they didn't name it Lois Lane. And here I didn't think he was a Superman fan. I guess really he's not, he's a Lois Lane fan.

Methodist Church in Kerrville.
By the end of our walk, we were hot, tired, hungry and in need of air conditioning. For supper we went to Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant in Kerrville. Inside their large building, in addition to the restaurant seating area, were a Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory sales display case, game arcade, and Dreyer's Ice Cream outlet.

The menu had excellent options, some I hadn't seen on a Mexican restaurant menu before. I had Pescado del Mar which was filet of red snapper with a lime/honey butter sauce, la charra beans, rice, Caesar salad, and tortillas. It was very good. No photos of food this time.

Mamacita's Restaurant photos:

Mamacita's Kerrville entry chandelier, stained glass,
and tile work on the ceiling.

Kevin and Evelyn
Interior decor of Mamacita's. Our host walking through.
Evelyn and Kevin at our table.
We did not have Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for dessert. There was a sampler of cheesecake back at Kevin and Evelyn's 5er and we had much smaller pieces of cheesecake. It was very good and just the right size after a big meal.

Then it was time for us to head back to San Antonio. Kevin and Evelyn are heading up to Blanco, TX in the morning.

Once again we had a good time walking and talking and eating. That reminds me, I used to have a Volksmarch shirt that said, "Walk, walk, talk; walk, walk, eat." I don't know where it is. It's brand new and I haven't seen it since we've been on the road. Maybe it's in a box in Mom's attic!

Have safe travels Evelyn and Kevin. We look forward to the next time we see you. I hope Wisconsin is warm and dry by the time you return!

Travel Bug out.