Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friedrich Wilderness Park with Friends -- Sun., Mar. 10

Today Evelyn and Kevin of RV Khronicles of Kevelyn came over for brunch. Our plans after brunch were written in Jello; we could, if the weather was bad, stay in and play Sequence or, if the weather was good, go for a 10K (6.2 mile) walk in Friedrich Wilderness Park northwest of San Antonio. We warned Kevin and Evelyn that if we opted to hike, they should bring hiking boots and poles.

The weather was absolutely lovely today. After pancakes, fried eggs and banana streusel muffins (muffins provided by Kevin & Evelyen), we chose to hike the park. 

The first 3.2 miles of the hike was easy, on good paved or relatively flat, low incline trails. The last 3.2 miles increased in difficulty to steep inclines, and rocky trails with roots thrown in for good measure.

The last time Bob and I hiked this in July 2012, we got lost a couple of times, so today I tried to follow the directions more closely. We still messed up on one part toward the end. Oh, well. It was a great bit of exercise and we got to know Kevin and Evelyn as we walked and talked.

Kevin thought I was leading them around in circles, which I was. In order to make a full 10K, we went on certain parts of the trail three or four times to get from one place to another. Here are photos of Friedrich Wilderness Park (some from our Volksmarch on July 15, 2012).

Windmill. The tank at the bottom had koi in it!
Vista Loop--the hardest trail in the park.
Vista Loop Trail...up and up, or down and down.
Bob was down the hill a little.
We had a passing hiker take the following photo. I think we could have used some help in composition. Kevin and Evelyn were too far back in the photo and I was too far forward. The perspective is off. Bob and I look like giants.
Evelyn, Kevin, Susan, and Bob--just climbed a big hill!
Vista Loop Trail

A partial map of trails in the park.
So after lots of round and round and up and down, we finished the 10K in 2 hours and 40 minutes. We didn't get too hot because we were in the trees most of the time, plus there was nice, cool breeze blowing. I think the temperature hovered around 75 degrees.

Then it was back to the 5er where Kevin and Evelyn had left their truck. They headed off to do errands and we ate chili and salad here at home, watched 60 Minutes and The Amazing Race.

Kevin and Evelyn are off to Texas Hill Country Monday. We want to meet them there and do another Volksmarch or hike Sunday the 17th, before they continue their journey, eventually making their way back to Wisconsin.

One more photo from our hike today...

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Mountain Laurel.
A totally awesome day!

Travel Bug out.