Saturday, July 6, 2013

CariCATures - Sat., July 6

Thursday I didn't have to work (obvious if you read my Fun Fourth blog). I worked Friday and Saturday this week. Saturday was the first time I worked the RV park office by myself. The park managers stopped by a couple of times to make sure everything was okay. (It was.)

Other than working, Friday and Saturday were pretty mellow for me.  Bob worked four hours on the 4th, all day on the 5th, and five hours today. Crazy man, I tell ya. But it doesn't hurt the finances. Thank you, Bob, for all the work you do.

He also went to Costco today to pick up food for our RV park potluck tonight. We took a veggie tray and a Key Lime pie. (The Key Lime pie was a winner. By the time our part of the line made it through the food selections, the pie was half gone; and it was all gone by the end of dinner.)

Being that this blog is so short, I have a few cariCATure photos of our kitties, Sunnie and Bowie.

Bowie zonked out.
He sleeps in weird positions!
King of the House of Card(board)s.
In the photo above, you can see Sunnie's tail hanging out from inside the top box. Any time a new box comes in the house, the cats investigate.

"I haz conkered da boxes."
Travel Bug out.