Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taking Care of Business - Wed., July 3

The last few days have been spent (literally, as in spending money) catching up on some things we had been putting off due to finances.

Monday, I had my 75,000 mile maintenance on my Escape pod (at 78,000 miles). Basically it was an oil change, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and tire rotation.

Tuesday, the two cats had their rabies vaccine and checkups. Both are healthy and active with no problems. The vet raved about their beautiful, silky fur and asked what I've been feeding them. They get Wellness wet food from Petco and Friskies Meaty Selections dry food. Sunnie weighs in at 16-1/2 lbs (a big boy as the vet called him), and Bowie is a much smaller-boned cat at 10-1/4 pounds.

Tuesday afternoon we used our Groupons and each of us had hour massages for free (except the tip). The massages were part of a package included in a chiropractor visit. Pretty great! We haven't had massages since Hawaii, about two years ago. On the way home from the massage I got an interior/exterior car wash, and then shopped at Walmart.

Today, I got my hair trimmed.

I still need to schedule a physical exam for myself.

Tomorrow morning we plan on doing a Volksmarch at Leon Creek Greenway in San Antonio. As far as what we'll be doing on the 4th for fireworks, that's still up in the air. Hahahahahahahaha! Maybe we'll head out to Random Event Venue for a relaxing evening or maybe we'll stay in San Antonio and watch the fireworks over the Tower of the Americas.

Enjoy Independence Day!

Travel Bug feeling free.