Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Return to San Antonio - Wed., July 24

Slept in a little this morning. Check out time from the state park wasn't until 2 p.m., so there was no rush. We didn't want to be on freeways in rush hour either in Austin or San Antonio.

I made pumpkin blueberry pancakes with cinnamon applesauce and fried eggs for breakfast. Bob washed the breakfast dishes. Very sweet of him.

Then we broke camp. Bob took care of the outside chores and I tidied up the inside. One nuisance area we have when we travel is our CDs fly off the shelves in our large living room cabinet. We Velcro tie the cupboard doors closed, but that doesn't keep the CDs on the shelves. Today, Bob had a bright idea (light bulb went off) to take all of our throw pillows and stuff them in the cabinet then Velcro tie the doors shut. Brilliant, Bob. When we got home all the CDs were on the shelves, not in a jumbled heap in the open central space of the cupboard. It worked like a charm. Now we have to remember to do that again next time we travel!

After everything was stowed, closed, locked and ready to roll, we made a stop at the dump station to empty all our tanks. At noon we headed to San Antonio. The freeway traffic was light until we made it to I-35 and 1604 loop where we encountered medium-to-heavy traffic. Not a bad drive today.

During our trip it rained and Rigamarole (5er) and The Beast (pick-up truck) got very dirty. We knew there was a Blue Beacon Truck Wash on I-10 just east of I-410, so we headed there to get the pick up and 5th wheel washed. Because of the long line of trucks, it took us an hour and 20 minutes to get into the washing bay. I think it took them about ten minutes to wash the truck and 5er. Cost $40. Can't beat that. When we have mobile washers come to our site at the RV park it costs around $140 (but they wax it too).

We were back in our spot at Travelers World in San Antonio by 3 p.m. I immediately did four loads of laundry, then sat down to have lunch and write blogs.

Now I'm all written out. Ta ta for now.