Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Margrave Max of Baden celebrates 80th birthday

The Head of one of the oldest noble Houses of Europe  celebrates its 80th birthday with employees, companions and only at the end there is a family event
Where Max Margrave of Baden was born on 03.07.1933  in Salem, he commits his 80th  birthday today. Those who know him personally, like so many in the Salem Valley and in the region, are not surprised by how insignificant the man who is head of one of Europe's oldest noble houses for 50 years, celebrates. Today, there is a feast for the employees of the margravial companies - winery, agriculture and forestry - "and we plant an oak," says his eldest son, Hereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden. It was him who the Margrave at his 65th made birthday administrator of the family business. A decision of the Margrave Max and owes it that he can celebrate relaxed today. Herediatry Prince Bernhard paved through an extensive renovation, which ended with the sale of the castle Salem to the Land of Baden-Württemberg, the way the House of Baden in the future.
"On Thursday, my father invites his old school friends to tea," explains Hereditary Prince Bernhard. Classmates? "Yes, from primary school, from his childhood, from the place." Later it coined the "Education for responsibility," which he in which was founded by his grandfather, Max von Baden and the reform educationalist Kurt Hahn Schule Schloss Salem and the Scottish boarding school Gordonstown learned.
Discipline and responsibility for the state characterize the morally conservative former colonel of the reserve with 80 Who studied agriculture and forestry, which felt more comfortable in wellies on a wet dog show of Simmental Association as the flashbulbs is still "constantly on the go," said his son. "He makes things that are close to his heart." While the Margrave is no longer a member of over 60 clubs as before, but for the Red Cross, he committed further, as well as for its establishment "GermanAid Baden" to support vulnerable refugees ago especially in the Third World. Instead of birthday presents Margrave Max asks for donations to this charitable action.
All the companions from social clubs and professional associations, from DRC and firefighting are invited along with business partners and customers of the Margrave of Baden management, former employees and representatives of communities and authorities on Friday to a garden party, hosted by Prince Bernhard and his wife Princess Stephanie are. "As people come from all over Baden," says Prince Bernhard, "People who are important to my father, but because we do not much talk nonsense." Later there is a "celebration in the family circle" of the Marquis, who is since 1966 married Margravine Valerie, Archduchess of Austria from the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and kinship closely interwoven with the European aristocracy - he is a nephew of the British Prince Consort Philip. What does "family festival" for the guest list, Prince Bernhard smile can open.