Sunday, July 14, 2013

Duke Franz of Bavaria turned 80

He would be King of Bavaria 
Duke Franz of Bavaria is now 80

He avoids the red carpet. If the celebrities waving at the festive opening of the Bayreuth Festival in the cameras  Duke Franz of Bavariais not there.  The head of the Wittelsbach family takes the side entrance. Glamorous appearances are not his thing. The nobleman - he would be King of Bavaria, if there was still a monarchy in this country - appears reticent in public on. This Sunday the passionate collector of modern art and graphic, patron and recognized art expert turn 80 years old.
The Duke is a great supporter of the Pinakothek of the modern  in Munich and found it important works of art from its collection available. He advises numerous museums in Bavaria. He brings his expertise as a member of the International Council for the "Museum of Modern Art" in New York a. In 2008 he became an honorary doctorate from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich.
The Duke - his name loud completely Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria - was born on 14 July 1933 born in Nymphenburg Castle in Munich, where he lives today. He is a great grandson of the last Bavarian King Ludwig III. During World War II his parents were arrested by the Nazis with the children, the family came to different concentration camps and was liberated by the Americans.
After graduation in 1952 at the Gymnasium of the Benedictine monks of Ettal Franz of Bavaria studied business. The line of the Wittelsbach dynasty took over the learned Master of Business Administration  after the death of his father Duke Albrecht of Bavaria in 1996. A wealthy man, he is not thereby become, for the million-dollar fortune of his ancestors is already managed for 90 years in a public foundation.
In the politics of the day, the supreme representative of the Wittelsbach mixes generally not a public. "But I represent my point to me quite important issues in personal conversations or in committees, where I belong."
About his prominent ancestors and "fairytale king" Ludwig II said Franz Duke of Bavaria on the occasion of its 125th Death two years ago: "His human and political tragedy is hard to believe." Conspiracy theories about the assassination of Louis are repugnant to him.
The Duke of Bavaria is confirmed bachelor - friend and dogs. "Liesl" was his Dackelmischling. On 22 July is the Duke on the occasion of his 80th Birthday reception - befitting the Schleißheim castle outside Munich.