Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Part-time Job! - Mon., June 3

Work comes when you least expect it. I was sitting in the 5th wheel reading blogs, defrosting the freezer, and playing Scrabble on Facebook when Bob called. The place he works needs a receptionist. Their office opened last week and they haven't hired a front desk person. So, I am working there temporarily Monday through Wednesday this week. I already have a Thursday-Friday job so I'm not sure how long the receptionist position will last.

A story from a couple of days ago:
As I sat at the dining table in the 5th wheel, BAM!, a bird hit the window hard. I ran outside and saw a sparrow-like young bird upside down on the concrete. Awww, poor birdie. I went down and turned it right side up. It's head lolled to one side like it had a broken neck. Awful, I didn't know what to do. After five minutes I checked on it again and it was still there. I didn't know if I should put it out of its misery or what.

About 30 minutes later I checked again and the bird was gone!?! Fearing that a feral cat had made lunch out of it, I came back in and looked out each window to see if the bird had moved on its own. I found the bird sitting in the grass behind our RV. As I watched, a sparrow flew into the tree nearby and chirped loudly. The young sparrow flew up into the tree. Yay! The little bird made a quick recovery. I love a happy ending.

After work today, I changed into walking clothes to walk with the San Antonio Walking Buddies at 6:30 p.m. Then I drove to The Pearl Brewery (meetup location) and had time for dinner. As I was walking through The Pearl complex, I saw Green Vegetarian Cuisine and decided to eat there.

Because the temperature was in the low 90s and it was humid, I opted to sit inside with my friend, air conditioning. The restaurant is good. For dinner, I chose a Quinoa Burrito with herbed mashed potatoes as my side dish. The dinner was tasty and I was entertained by sayings on the back of the servers T-shirts: "Give peas a chance," "Vegetarians make better lovers," and "Less meat saves lives" (or something to that effect).

Old light globe art on the wall at Green.
My dinner: quinoa burrito, herbed mashed potatoes and raspberry sauce.
This afternoon's walk along the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk was a rapid pace. We walked a 14-minute mile for four miles. It took a little under an hour to go four miles.

And that was my exciting day. I never did finish defrosting the freezer, but most of the built-up ice came out before I had to turn it back on and go to work earlier today.

Travel Bug out.