Saturday, June 22, 2013

Prince Leopold of Bavaria turned 70

On Friday 21.06. Prince Leopold of Bavaria celebrated his 70th birthday. he is the great-great-great-great-grandson of King Ludwig I. of Bavaria and head of the so called adalbertinian line of the House of Wittelsbach. He became known as racer in the German touring car scene a name. Today he has with "Poldi" her own fashion label, he also acts as representative for the brand car manufacturer BMW.
In old age, he can not get to rest, as the father of four children colourfull recently revealed: He must still work with 70 and can not just eat up the family fortune. But the nobles also stated that he passionately engages with  his duties.

Article in Bunte 

On the occasion of his upcoming birthday he gave a short Interview to BILD.  

BILD: How do you feel at 70?Leopold "Poldi" of Bavaria: "I feel like 50! Everybody in our family are very old. 90 often occurs. If one does a lot of sports like me, you can see the curve that goes down from 50 to stop. "

BILD: did you manage much good in life ...Poldi "Yes, four wonderful children and the marriage holds with Uschi. We love each other now for over 42 years. "
BILD: The secret?Poldi: "My parents got married too young - a marriage of convenience. I just thought if I marry again, I pick my wife for life itself. "
BILD: Petra Schürmann has made it known to each other ...Poldi "Uschi wanted to marry off with a model myself actually. I was in a flutter. I have stored in my marriage. It is indeed reasonable. "
BILD: your wife was your first love?Poldi (winking): "Love, yes. But I believe the first woman I've fallen for me, Uschi was glass. She was executive secretary in a law firm. She was very sweet. We met more often. "
BILD: You let it rip?Poldi: "For a mechanical engineering degree I was in America. I've done everything except studying. I was a late bloomer, I became a butterfly with 21 and enjoyed it. 1969 my father died in a plane crash. I had to return to Germany and had other responsibilities. "
BILD: How do you describe yourself?Poldi "twin, perfectionist and stickler. I am a punctual person insane. I hate it when someone comes too late. "
BILD: This is why you become a racing driver ...Poldi (laughing): "Maybe. So I was always faster on the spot. "
BILD: How did you get into racing?Poldi: "At eleven I bribed with our chauffeur 50 cigarettes so that I could go alone. I felt like a pilot, flying alone for the first time. "
BILD: Never been afraid?Poldi: "My only fear is to burn the car."
BILD: your worst accident?Poldi: "In Africa I crashed with 150 against a wall, my spine was crushed. I was two inches shorter, I have noticed in my pants. Meanwhile, I'm going to go with my vintage age. "
BILD: What is planned for today?Poldi "My children want to surprise me, we probably will not celebrate in Germany. And very small. The 60th was so great. I can not afford such festivals every year. "
BILD: But on the gas?Poldi: "Yes, but sometimes I get caught up. At the 69th Birthday I had a cardiac arrest. Debt was myocarditis. I've realized nothing in seconds. Then it was over. My wife noticed it immediately intervened and saved my life. I have learned from listening into my body. "

Article in BILD