Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ridin' the Storm Out - Sun., June 30

If you know us well, you know I don't walk in the rain. Period. Don't like it, never have. So I was highly skeptical this morning when I read the NOAA weather report proffering a 40% chance of thunderstorms, 50 mph wind gusts, and possible hail. I don't know what I was thinking when I told Bob I still wanted to go. I brought the umbrella and packed my camera, cell phone and car keys in plastic Ziploc sandwich bags. (Bob says I'm a good Girl Scout.)

Driving to the start point in downtown San Antonio, an ominous sky brooded over us. Black sky moodiness dared us to continue with our plans. The blue sucker hole drew us in, even though surrounding us through a 360-degree view were clouds in shades of black and grey.

After registering for the Volksmarch, we started our walk at 7:45 a.m. The temperature was pleasant and we walked at a good pace. As soon as we got to El Mercado, the sky started spitting at us, not enough to soak, just enough to let us know we better be prepared for the moody sky to shed some big crocodile tears.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
El Mercado tile art.
El Mercado
More tile art at El Mercado.

El Mercado restaurant - reminds us of New Orleans.
El Mecado business.
Beautiful tile art.

Children's Hospital Emergency Room - we needed a restroom!
Threatening sky.
Stormy, moody sky.
San Francesco di Paola Church
Storm clouds.
My umbrella was up when rain, thunder and lightning descended upon us. The rain came down in earnest. We hurried to find cover and ended up under the awning of the WOAI 4 News building for about 45 minutes. When the rain let up, we continued our walk. You will see that raindrops falling on our heads were not our only challenge.

Under the awning.
When cars and buses went by, they splashed up a wall of water. Thankfully, we were out of reach of the splashes.
Ridin' the storm out.
Waterfall coming off the awning.
Storm drains were overflowing back up into the street.
The drains sucked down the water but not fast enough.
We had to cross our feet and socks wet.

The intersection above was flooded.
Water up to bottom of body of car.
A few more photos of our downtown jaunt...

Domino's Pizza delivery vehicles - Smart.

Airstream re-purposed to sell cosmetics (in La Villita)
We finished up our walk in a damp state. Actually, Bob was pretty wet. He only had his baseball cap for protection from the rain. I shared the umbrella for a while, then he decided not to use it anymore.

Below is some more information on The Big Year birding competition. Bob found these when he searched for "the truth about The Big Year" on Google. We both enjoyed reading these two articles and thought you might enjoy them too.

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