Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Out of the Blue - Here Comes the Rain Again - Wed., June12

What the ...? A few minutes ago it was sunny and 90. I started hearing thunder, checked NOAA for update on weather. Red warnings for San Antonio. Yikes!

Now the storm is ON TOP OF US! Rain pelting crazily, waterfalls coming off the roof of our 5er all around, thunder so harsh the floor of the trailer is quaking. Lightning at the same time, flashing. Power going on and off. Fan on, microwave on; fan off, microwave off; repeat. This is intense. I am having flashbacks to flooding of three weeks ago. Our site already has water pouring into it. I will brave getting drenched to pick up our welcome mat and put it on the picnic table so it doesn't float off again.

These four photos are from the beginning of the can see the temperature has already dropped from 90 to 68.

See photo below looking toward back fence...see a difference?
Looking toward our neighbor's site.
From 90 to 68 in a half hour.
Power off, power on. Massive thunder, more lightning. I'd say this is a slow-moving storm. It has found a parking spot in San Antonio and isn't going to give it up!

This is pretty exciting, but not good for charging our air card which is out of power. [Note: I finished this blog after power was back on, charging air card for a while.]

San Antonio Hill Country Hikers had a three-mile walk planned this evening at Eisenhower Park. I was ready to walk out the door when I first heard the thunder. That's when I checked the weather.

I called the hike organizer and the event has been canceled due to the severe weather. OMG, I looked up and saw lightning out of two windows at the same time AND another massive thunderclap in tune with the lightning. Kind of scary out there.

We now have an inch of water in our site. I went out to pick up our mat and it had already floated away! In ten minutes! I was totally freaked out going out there to pick up the mat with a metal umbrella in my hand while lightning and thunder is happening, walking in an inch or more of water. I moved pretty danged fast!

Photos after 20 minutes of heavy rain...

Mat saved.
About 1-1/2 inches of water after 20 minutes.

Looking toward back fence. Was dry a bit ago.
Crazy weather. Not only us, but I read about the upper Midwest possibly getting a derecho tonight. See another derecho article. And friends in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are worried about massive storms too.

Stay safe and dry out there.

Here's a few cozy kitty pics to lighten the mood.

We love our kitty tube!
Sneak attack.
Sunnie says, "I'm not playin'."
I don't know what's with Sunnie and his stretches lately.
Hi, Mom. I'm going to walk right in front of the pic you're taking of Bowie.
Put anything new on the floor, insert cat.

Travel Bug out.