Sunday, June 16, 2013

Very Long Day, Part 2 - Sun., June 16

After freshening up at home, we headed to downtown San Antonio to pick up Randall from the bus station. He came down to visit his dad and have a second job interview.

With Randall safely ensconsed in the car we headed out to Random, a new event venue being developed near Boerne City Lake. Randall met with the owner and owner's girlfriend to discuss restoration work and building projects. While he was doing that, Bob and I drove over to Boerne's Berges Fest to see what that was all about.

Here are our impressions...

Third day of festival + hot sun = naptime.
Tractor races.
Weiner dog races - one of the entrants.
Real tattoos or henna?
Boerne Berges Fest Court.
Jockeying for a  spot to watch weiner dog racing.
This young man was really into his playing!
He was dancing and getting into the music.
Weiner dog racing.
Boerne downtown.

Bob bought me a hot pink, wide-brimmed hat.
When we finished at Berges Fest, we headed back to Random to pick up Randall and go have a Father's Day dinner at Pappacito's. Randall and i ordered quail in a chipotle sauce and Bob had chicken enchiladas. Excellent meal.

Randall and Bob at Pappacito's.
The bar at Pappacito's had the Spurs-Heat finals game. Randall kept running over to check on the score. As soon as we finished eating we raced back to Rigamarole so they could finish watching the game. With a minute left to play and the Spurs up by 13, they decided it would be a good time for Bob to drive Randall back to Austin.

Bowie totally relaxed.
What a position!
The end.

That's it for today.