Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: The Internship

Our original movie choice for Saturday was Now You See Me, a cat-and-mouse thriller about The Four Horsemen (illusionists) who pull off robberies of corrupt businesses during their magic act. The FBI works to track them down.

However, when we were in line for tickets we decided to see The Internship. This surprised me because I didn't think Bob wanted to see this movie.

It ended up that both of us thoroughly enjoyed the movie. For those of you who don't know about The Internship, think Google. Two washed-up wristwatch salesmen who are in desperate need of new jobs come up with the brilliant idea of interviewing for internship positions at the tech giant Google.

Yes, the movie is one big Google commercial. The thing is, it was filmed at the real Google complex (Googleplex) in California's Silicon Valley. So that's interesting to see; we likened it to an ovder-the-top college campus atmosphere. Most of all the movie is funny and touching.

Two middle-aged, tech-deficient charming nerds (Owen Wilson and Nick, Vince Vaughn as Billy) interview for internships at Google via video. They are pretty darn funny trying to impress the interviewers with their technical knowledge. After a close vote by the powers that be at Google, they are both invited to Silicon Valley for internships and a 5% chance of working at Google.

After you pick up your jaw from the floor from seeing the Google campus, settle in for a fun, think-outside-the-box movie. Even though the two "old guys" don't know much about computers, they do have a handle on living life.

After an initial company orientation, teams are chosen. As might be expected, Billy and Nick aren't on the A list of potential teammates. After all the dust has settled in choosing teams, only the outcasts are left. Billy and Nick are the last team to form, by default.

What follows are team challenges: a Quidditch match (from Harry Potter tales); customer service, as in answering Google technical help-line calls; and an outside sales call to sell Google online advertising. Billy and Nick, having been around the block a few times, offer emotional, inspirational and life-experience support to the young-'uns. The movie plays to the difference in ages and abilities and how each generation can help the other.

The movie had its moments of inanity and stupidity especially involving Will Ferrell's cameo; my least favorite part of the movie. If you need to go to the bathroom or get snacks, go during the Vince Vaughn/Will Ferrell mattress-store-portion of the movie. Trust me, you won't miss much.

Don't miss the movie all together, though, because of one dumb scene. Go for the laughs and watching Vince and Owen play off each other. Go for the look at Googleplex in Mountain Home, California (much of the movie was filmed at Google's headquarters). And go for the understanding that develops between the generations. We hope you like it as much as we did.

Travel Bug out.