Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four-Day Review - Thurs., June 6

My oh my. What a week this has been. Here's a recap...

Sunday: Bob worked. I stayed home and cleaned house, read blogs.

Monday: See Monday's blog here.

Tuesday: I worked 8 am to 5 pm as receptionist at the office where Bob works. The office was very quiet. At night, we watched our Netflix selection, The Spanish Prisoner, a thriller which came out in 1997. Pretty good movie, but it left loose ends. We followed the twisting and turning plot but, like the movie Ronan in which you never find out what's in the briefcase, in this movie you never find out what "The Process" is. Everyone wants it, but no one knows what it is; only that it is supposed to make whoever owns it incredibly wealthy. The movie stars Ben Gazzara, Steve Martin, Ricky Jay, Felicity Huffman, Rebecca Pidgeon and Campbell Scott.

Wednesday: Back to work as receptionist. Today was craaaa-zeee! The morning was mellow and quiet until 10 am when all hell broke loose. Bob wanted me to post a Help Wanted ad on craigslist, but I didn't have a copy of the ad. He ended up posting it. Calls started coming in immediately.

My hour lunch started at 11:00 a.m. Permission was granted for me to go to lunch and the Executive Secretary covered the front desk. When I left no one was in the front office. I dropped off the Netflix movie at the post office and picked up my pre-ordered, "to go" lunch from La Madeline. When I returned to the office, five applicants were in reception filling out applications. The Executive Secretary covered the reception area until I ate my lunch. Long story short, the afternoon was crazy with phone calls and applicants coming in. Interviews were conducted by the Operations Manager and four guys were hired. One quit later that afternoon.

Wednesday evening, Bob and I walked the south end of the downtown Riverwalk with the San Antonio Hill Country Hikers. The walk was moderate paced so I didn't have to run to keep up. We completed five miles.

Impressionistic photo a la Monet.
Very lush vegetation along the San Antonio River.
Walk co-leader, tall Paul.
One of the many bridges spanning the river.
Another bridge with water taxis underneath.
City kitty.
Yellow-crowned night heron.
San Antonio Riverwalk.
Trail rail.
Serene scene.
Pioneer flour tower.
Snake wake.
Thursday: Worked ten hours in the RV park office. I love this job. At the end of the day I started learning about day-end closing procedures.

Tomorrow will be another RV park office day. Tomorrow night we're invited to an American Petroleum Institute meet 'n' greet with food and drinks provided.

Early Saturday morning, we're doing a 10K Volksmarch. At 2:45 p.m. Saturday, we're participating in Hike-Brew-Burgers with Hill Country Hikers in Helotes, Texas. After our hike at Matla Natural Area, we're going to Floore's Country Store for food, drink and, later in the evening, music. I don't know how long we'll stay because Randall, Bob's son, is taking the train to San Antonio from Austin and we're meeting him at the train station around 9:45 p.m.

Sunday morning, I am going with the Hill Country Hikers on a 10-mile hike at Tapatio Springs Resort in Boerne, Texas. Thirty-nine people signed up to go on this hike. Bob will be working Sunday.

A whole lotta things going on here. In addition, I'd like to go to San Antonio Folklife Festival this weekend at the Texan Cultures Institute. The festival includes free admission to the museum. But when???

Plus laundry needs to be done and there's that little thing called sleep with which we could become much better acquainted!

Travel Bug out.