Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to Normal -- Tues., July 10

San Antonio and Blanco, Texas:

The vertigo is gone today, but I did stick around the 5er until early afternoon to make sure I felt well enough to go out.

I hit Walmart, AAA (for maps), and then headed north to Blanco and stopped at the first stand I came to that said "Fresh Peaches & Vegetables."

Nice roadside stand.
Summer squash.
I bought a small box of peaches, yellow summer squash and cherry tomatoes. When we finish this batch, I will make another foray north for more peaches and other fruits and vegetables.

South Texas is getting thunder, lightning and rain. Driving north to Blanco this afternoon, a few rain showers gave my car a bath, removing another layer of caliche dust. Car detailing is in the Escape pod's future to remove the caliche dust from all the nooks and crannies. 

Today, Bob took his truck in for an oil change, air filter, brake fluid and transmission fluid.  We're getting our vehicles serviced after being in the oil fields on bumpy, dirty back roads. His truck is especially important because it will be pulling the 5er to Yellowstone in a little over a week. We still have a few 5er repairs that need to be made before we go.

That's it for today; pretty quiet here.

Enjoy your Wednesday.