Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame! -- Tues., July 3

San Antonio, Texas:

Talk about a rude awakening this morning...I was sorta reading, then snoozing UNTIL I heard the riding lawnmower. Whoever was driving that thing was in a big hurry. I leapt out of bed and dressed for the day remembering that the internet cable for our booster is lying across the grass behind our 5er. Bob hooked up our booster to a shed by the back fence of the RV park.

Out the door I flew to unhook the cable to prevent damage. The riding lawnmower guy headed away from our rig so either he didn't mow in the back (not much grass or weeds) or the riding lawnmower didn't send our internet cable to internet cable heaven. All was fine. By then I was wide awake.

Stayed up, ate breakfast, showered, washed dishes, paid some bills, took out trash, thought about the gate guard ladies having lunch at DQ in Cotulla, and checked my email and blog comments. 

This afternoon, I did some shopping at a Super Walmart 1-1/2 miles from our RV park. We learned to appreciate city conveniences when we were out in the caliche dust at the oil field. Out there an old, small Walmart was 40 miles away.

On my drive to and from Walmart, there is Mission San Jose, a National Historical Park.  Our sightseeing will include a number of missions very close to our RV park. The place looks like it has some stories to tell. The outer wall is limestone. Inside the wall are a number of buildings. I can't wait to learn more about them.

When Bob returned home from work, we went to see the San Antonio Missions play baseball against the NW Arkansas Naturals. The Missions are a AA affiliate for the San Diego Padres; the Naturals are the AA affiliate for the Kansas City Royals. 

We arrived at the stadium a few minutes after the 7:00 p.m. start time. A crowd was lined up at the ticket windows so we joined the group. We weren't there a minute when a gentleman walked up to us and asked us if we would like free tickets. 

Bob said, "Seriously?"

The man said, "Yes. I work for a hospital and we have a group of tickets. No one is using these and we'll be in our company suite."

We thanked him profusely and headed into the game. Our seats were the first row, A5 and A6! Wow! What a great view of the game.  Sometimes we're in the right place at the right time.

The evening was perfect for a baseball game. Temperature was in the mid-80s with a light breeze--so pleasant--and no humidity. San Antonio won 2-0.  The San Antonio Missions currently have a nine-game winning streak.

We got home and Bob was out like a light in the recliner in the living room. I'm falling asleep at the computer. Time to head for bed. 

Happy Independence Day everyone. Nitey nite.