Sunday, July 8, 2012

Riverwalk North Volkswalk -- Sun., July 8

San Antonio, Texas

Today we did the north portion of the Riverwalk which is more suburban than the south portion. Our start time on the 12K (7.4 mi) walk was 7:45 a.m., temperature 76 degrees. Because this part of the Riverwalk goes past the San Antonio Museum of Art, the art displays along the path were subtle and fun.

I took 147 photos today, culled out 44, and ended up with 103 great photos. I will share the best of them with you. The more we see of San Antone, the more we like. People are very friendly: walkers, joggers and bike riders said, "Hi," "Good morning," or "Hello."

The biggest surprises of the day were all the artwork along the route and Brackenridge Park. Brackenridge Park deserves a day of exploration all its own.

We finished the Volkswalk at 11:45 a.m. These walks would go a lot faster if I wasn't taking so many photos!
Robert H. H. Hugman, architect, is known as "The Father of the Riverwalk." The above plaques are all over San Antonio to honor his designs.

Art on stairs.
Art on bridge overcrossings.
History of early San Antonio River flooding.
Robert Hugman's vision for downtown San Antonio.
Immature yellow-crowned night heron.
Immature yellow-crowned night heron.
Yellow-crowned night heron.

VFW Post 76

Black-bellied whistling duck.
Water lilies.
Art under the bridges too! These glow in the dark.
The grotto art.
Stairs exiting grotto area.
Grotto waterfall...see the face at top?
This looks like a passion fruit flower. We had these in our backyard in Hawaii.
Narrow-gauge train in Brackenridge Park.
Brackenridge Park.
Great egret--Brackenridge Park.

Cool gate at Witte Museum.

Oak tree mentioned in previous sign.
LOVE this plantar!

Entrance art at Brackenridge Park--Broadway side.
Sycamore tree colors and textures.
Sam's Burger Joint sign.
Pearl Brewery.
Grotto art from across the river.
San Antonio River Flood Control Tunnel System

Enlarge to read...interesting.
Picture of a plaque on Riverwalk showing fish glowing at night.
Yellow-crowned night heron.
Very well-marked trails on Riverwalk.
Rudbeckia Susans.

Immature yellow-crowned heron.
Squirrel eating a leaf.

Bridge overpass art.

See mural below.
I swear this squirrel knew how good he looked here.

After our walk Bob took me to see the inside of his office, then to lunch at Matamoro's. We had wonderful Enchiladas Verdes. Such a great day!

Matamoros for lunch!

Enchiladas Verde

 One last photo of a sculpture at U.T.S.A.

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