Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rigamarole - Tues., July 24

On the Road to Ft. Stockton, TX:

Rigmarole, Rigamarole: (n)
  1. Any long complicated procedure
  2. A set of incoherent or pointless statements; garbled nonsense
In conversation this morning, I used the word "rigamarole." I loved the way it rolled off my tongue and I said, "That's what we're going to call our rig!" Of course, it's nickname will be "Rig." Our vehicles are officially dubbed Rigamarole and the Escape Pod. I don't know if Bob will name his pick-up truck. Stay tuned.
Looks like we're getting a bit of a late start today but that's okay because we're driving freeway miles across barren West Texas. We'll park the 5er overnight enough to get sleep and head out early Wednesday a.m. We've got to make up a little time because our original plan was to leave last weekend. Stuff happens.

Bob is at work for a couple of hours. I'll be cleaning the inside of the "Rig" and put the slides in. When he gets back, we'll put the Escape pod in storage, hook up the truck, pay our electric bill and "hit the road, Jack." But we'll be back. LOL.

Ciao for now. Hope we see you down the road.

Travel Bug traveling! Woo hoo and Yeeeee Haw!