Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Warrior Bob -- Tues., July 24

Ft. Stockton, Texas:
Drive, drive, drive, drive, rest area, drive, drive, drive, DQ for dinner. Drive, drive, fill up with diesel. Drive, drive, drive, RV Park. Ahhhhh. Seriously that was our day today.

We left San Antonio around 12:30 p.m. and arrived in Ft. Stockton at 7:30 p.m. Lots of long, straight freeway. Bob is the road warrior...he drove the whole way. I have never pulled the 5th wheel because I've always driven separately in my Escape pod. Guess I'll be learning on this trip. Any words of advice?

We love Hilltop RV Park in Ft. Stockton! The owners K.C. and Jim are precious, so warm and welcoming. They live here and it shows. 

Hard to get it all in one picture.
Art on the buildings.
Metal sculptures at the RV Park.
Another metal sculpture.
After we got our RV hooked up to electricity, water and sewer, and cats fed and watered, we headed into town to go to Walmart and see the roadrunner sculpture. While there, we found a historic driving tour of Ft. Stockton and drove part of it. Ft. Stockton has a long history which is quite interesting. It was on the Butterfield Stage Line and had the third largest fresh water spring in the state of Texas.
Pecos County Courthouse
An interesting store in town.

Heeeeere's Roadrunner...meep, meep.
While we were at Walmart, there was a fiery sunset. When we finished in town it was time for a swim in the RV park pool. So relaxing and we were the only ones in the pool. Nice.

Our RV Park has free wi fi, but the connection is slow.

Bob filed a police report on his stolen laptop and smart phone. When he talked to the police officer, the police didn't seem to think they were after our identity. They think both pieces were stolen for the hardware. Our insurance agent thinks we will get reimbursed for part of the new computer and smart phone since this was a robbery.

Bob got his new computer and smart phone yesterday. Last night he went to work and loaded his new software onto it. This morning, the company I.T. guy made sure Bob's computer could connect to company's server.

Time for bed. We'll be up early for our next adventure.

G'night. Over and lights out.