Sunday, September 9, 2012

Walking Boerne and "Uh-Oh" -- Sun., Sep. 9

Destination Boerne (pronounced Bernie), Texas at 6:50 a.m. Bob and I are doing a 10K (6.2 mi.) Volkswalk throughout the town.  

The sky is a pretty, pre-sunrise blue with very few clouds. As we head northwest from San Antonio on I-10, the sun rises in the east with a light tint of orange on the horizon. I am driving and am perplexed because to the southwest rays are shining out from behind some clouds. How can that be? The sunrise is in the east? I don't know what that phenomenon might be called, so I just enjoy the show as I drive.

After picking up our walk instructions from the Volkswalk box in the Boerne Comfort Inn lobby, we set off walking at a still-coolish 7:40 a.m. Boerne is a German town in the Texas Hill Country. Here is a partial description of Boerne from Wikipedia:
Boerne came into being as an off-shoot of the Texas Hill Country Free Thinker Latin Settlements, resulting from the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states. Those who came were Forty-Eighters, intellectual liberal abolitionists who enjoyed conversing in Latin and who believed in utopian ideals that guaranteed basic human rights to all. They reveled in passionate conversations about science, philosophy, literature, music ... The Free Thinkers first settled Castell, Bettine, Leningen, and Schoenburg in Lllano County. These experimental communities were supported by the Adelsverein for one year. The communities eventually failed due to lack of finances after the Adelsverein funding expired, and conflict of structure and authorities. Many of the pioneers from these communities moved to Sisterdale, Boerne and Comfort. 
Here are some photos and a brief description of our walk.

Beautiful morning for our walk.
We passed by some businesses, art and walked along Cibolo Creek in Boerne River Road Park. Many people were out walking, running, or feeding the numerous geese.

The Burlap Horse

Beautiful sculpture in front of store.
Egyptian geese.
Cibolo Creek

Double-click to read about Boerne Dam.
Muscovy ducks?
From the park, we walked through old town Boerne. A variety of materials were used in the old buildings...
Some of the proprietors have a wicked sense of humor. Read the following plaque carefully.

We stopped at a bakery for a treat about an hour into our walk. That was a mistake as it upset our tummies. Bob ended up feeling quite queasy at the end of the walk.
Ye Kendall Inn
Beautiful rock work, stained glass and columns.

Cibolo Creek

How'd you like to barbecue on this baby?
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church
At the end of our walk, we wanted to drive around and see some of the countryside. As I was driving I-10 back toward San Antonio, we saw an exit called "Scenic Loop Road." I said, "Let's take that, if it's a loop it should come back here, right?" Famous last words and very wrong.

We drove and drove. Saw beautiful horse estates, hill country, a little town called Grey Forest (which is part of Helotes, TX). 

In Grey Forest, I was sightseeing with my driving and saw a cute place called Grey Moss Inn. I was pointing it out to Bob when a police car coming the opposite direction turned on its lights and pointed to me to pull over, which I did. Uh-oh. 

The officer wanted to let me know the speed limit in Grey Forest is 30 mph and I was doing 35 mph. He said it was a safety stop to let me know there are a lot of bicyclists out riding and the speed limit is for their protection. 

He asked if we had been in the area before and I explained no we hadn't, we had been walking in Boerne and wanted to do a scenic drive. When I saw "Scenic Drive Loop" exit on I-10, we took it and ended up there. He told us the Scenic Drive Loop goes through a number of counties and would be an all-day trip. He chatted with us for quite a while and ended up giving me a warning, not a citation. I watched my speed like a hawk after that.

Since Bob was feeling pretty miserable, we didn't do the whole scenic loop and headed to Costco for a few items. He conked out in the air-conditioned car while I shopped. Then he wanted to stop by work to pick up some information he needed for a meeting with the accountant tomorrow morning. 

When we returned to the 5er, he became very sick and has been sleeping ever since. I hope he feels better soon.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. We went to IHOP for a late dinner (had a classic breakfast) and I bought some cat food for Sunnie at Petco. (His wet food is different than Bowie's.)

That's about it from here.

Travel Bug out.