Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding in the House Stolberg-Stolberg

A noble Wedding took place on Saturday 08.09.2012 at the St. Nikolaus Church at Bad Kreuznach when Countess Sophie of Plettenberg married Count Antonius zu Stolberg-Stolberg. The bride wore an 150 year old veil from Brussels lace which is an Family heirloom. The bridal coupld was married by Count Ulrich of Plettenberg, a cousin of the bride.
Before the noble Wedding scoiety could make their way to Namedy castle wher the reception and ball took place a few surprised watied for the bridal Couple. First the hunting horn blowers Bad Kreuznach played because "Sofie is a hunter" and then they married an trip in a open carraige which was drown by four black horses because riding is a hobby of both of them.
The couple had meet each other six years ago in Dresden where both studied. After the Wedding they will live in Munich