Friday, September 14, 2012

Writing to the Rhythm of the Rain -- Fri., Sep. 14

Thunder: boom, boom, boom. Rain hammering on the roof: thump, thump, thump. Fingers clacking on the keyboard: clickety-clack, tap, tap, tap, clickety-clack. The rain has become a roar. No denying nature's putting on a concert tonight, with light show no less.

I love the sounds of a big storm and we're having one. San Antonio and all surrounding areas are under a flash flood warning. I wouldn't want to be out in this, but I love listening to it!

This storm is predicted to last through Friday night with thunderstorms and heavy rain, then a 50% chance on Saturday and Sunday. Could get interesting. (I keep saving my blog in case the power or internet goes out! Actually, the internet has gone out three times already.)

Consider this the end of my opus in tonight's concert. I will update you on our status sometime Friday. (The internet did go out at this point.)

Fri-DAY: What a storm last night! The rain poured and downpoured. Loud, cracking, rolling thunder pealed away into the night. Rollicking-good show.

Looking out our dining room window.

Today will definitely not be my day for the zoo. Instead, common chores like laundry and vacuuming will take over. Indoors...where it's dry.

Travel Bug out.